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  • Aisle 5 1123 Euclid Avenue Northeast Atlanta, GA, 30307 United States (map)


Refusing the confinement of any single genre, Gladkill captivates audiences with
sounds that span a diverse musical landscape. Stacked with a vast catalog of songs that range from dance-floor-dominating sexy kinetic club beats, to deep and captivating downtempo/melodic material that works just as comfortably on the home stereo.
Gladkill sits deftly between the sheets of ethereal melodies and silky basslines while
embracing a heavy emphasis on songwriting and structure. In an era where disposable dance music is big business, Gladkill rises above the fray and aims to make music that will stand the test of time.

Dopethrown is the instrumental alter ego of RJ Cavanaugh. Formed in 2012, He's been making small waves across the country with his arsenal of mellowed out deep, techy tunes and upbeat future selections. Dopethrown, though sometimes a solo act, is typically a 2 piece - KindaHuman, a guitar player who joins the mix live and in the studio, can be spotted at most shows on stage performing. A surreal blend of electronic elements and live instrumentation, Dopethrown has showcased their music to thousands over the last 3 years. Sharing stages with world class producers & performers including Minnesota, Govinda, Lotus, G Jones & more. The latest remix reached 40,000 plays in just 3 months and a new album is on the way Winter 2016.

Liferoot Music
"Stephen Crabtree (aka Liferoot) was born and raised in Nashville, TN. Being involved in music since the age of five, it is no wonder that Liferoot holds to being more than just a producer’s alias. Crabtree keeps his talents close to him, incorporating multiple instruments and personal, intimate vocals into his very own musical craft that has been growing ever since he began producing in 2008.Liferoot seems to keep his originality and influences closer; his music is not for the faint at heart, but for those who want to get more involved and resonate with the music they are listening to. The sounds that Liferoot has come to cultivate are blended from raw emotion, organic atmospheres and a combination of original instrumentation, vocals, composition, and arrangement, creating his very own unique style of Meditative Hiphop. Ranging in vibes and styles, his music carelessly transcends genres and focuses more on exploring the more emotional side of hip/hop..."

Nocturnal Status
Originally hailing from Maryland, Nocturnal Status is a duo that consists of Rohan Bhatia-Newman and Benjamin Ricketts. Indulging in everything from grumbling, downtempo dub lines to riveting shakes of dance-able bass, Nocturnal Status implements immersive psychedelia rhythms as well as a diverse range of sounds and melodies to immerse one into the dark, yet beautiful side of music.

Nick Stewart, aka gemNeye, is a live performance artist. Composing and producing all of his own tracks, he performs them improv style — playing off of the crowd’s energy and the overall vibe of the moment. By combining aspects from multiple genres, gemNeye has secured a unique sound in this ever-changing, ever-evolving EDM scene. From funky, “get down” bass music, to uplifting and feel-good tracks, to grimy dub-esque wobbles, to organic rhythmics — you’re guaranteed to move your feet.