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ZEMYA Festival 2016

Project B. x Heineken proudly presents ZEMYA Festival
To take place at undisclosed location on Saturday, May 7th & Sunday, May 8th with a very limited capacity. 

"ZEMYA" stands for EARTH, the only astronomical object known to harbor life. Its environments and life are a single self-regulating organism leading to broad stabilization of the conditions of habitability. 

"ZEMYA" will revolve around the organic nature of the music. The focus will be on the connection and bond between the artists and the community. Inspired by the nature of Mother Earth minimalistic components will be used to reach the recondite state of mind.
For these VERY reasons the location will remain unknown until the day of.

You know that saying: You should dress for the JOB you want, not the job you have? The same goes for recycling. You should recycle for the earth you want, not the earth you have. 
Heineken USA becomes the first brewer to join the Recycling Partnership:


Dear Community,

We strongly believe in sharing good vibes, love & bringing people together at all our events. 
Therefore, at our very first Boutique Festival we expect nothing less from everyone attending.
We kindly request that you all respect the artists, attendees, production setting and the venue at all times.
Please note that absolutely no disrespectful behavior will be tolerated.
Discrimination of any sort will be sanctioned immediately and it will result in removal from the Festival grounds.


* Free Parking for ZEMYA Festival attendees
* Food will be avaiable on Festival premises
* One Stage x One Vibe
* Festival Stage is outdoor (rain or shine)