Ten Musicians to Make Your Valentine in 2017

It’s Valentine’s Day. The day where everyone is either single or in a relationship. Nevertheless, there are some days where we look at our phone screen saver, secret picture stash, or the piled up teen magazines under our bed and dream of a life where you’re the significant other of a hot celebrity. We pretend that we have a chance if we get front row to their show, run into them at –insert musician’s favorite restaurant/store/whatever here-, or if they basically just see how impossibly perfect we are. Even though it isn’t going to happen; I will never give up on my shameful dream to marry Nick Jonas. Here is my Top 10 list for 2017 of celebrities to make your Valentine.

10. Lana Del Rey: Lana. Lana. Lana. She’s so mysterious to me. I love her voice. It’s haunting and angelic. She is absolutely stunning with her retro look. Her voice I can’t speak more on. A friend got me to look past “Summertime Sadness” and I am so thankful. She is my woman crush for sure.

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9. Jackson Stell of Big Wild: I’ve seen Jackson perform live and something about really loving what you do is super attractive. He’s got the cute, a little bit geeky, nice guy look going on. On stage, you can tell he really enjoys performing and I love it. I could have him meet my parents and then go rave all night. That’s important

8. Sam Hunt: Oh Sam. We can go 15 in a 30 any day. I’m sorry if anyone is personally offended by the fact that I refuse to choose Luke Bryan because, duh, look at Sam. He’s beautiful and all of his songs are so relatable. He’s so heartbroken and adorable. I just want to fix him, which that never works. Still, I relate to every single song he sings straight to my little heart. 

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7. Tove Lo: Tove Lo. I have an obsession with everything she does. Not only was she featured on a song with my husband (referencing Nick J. again), but also she showed up out of nowhere. I was lucky enough to see her at the Hangout Music & Arts Festival back in 2015. She flashed the crowd and somehow I felt like that has to be one of the best moments I’ve ever witnessed live.  She seems really sweet and maybe even quiet, and she doesn’t seem super fake. She carries out the hangover look with glamor. If she could just teach me that I would be grateful.

6. Parkway Drive: Yes. The entire band. They are Australian.  I’m a sucker for accents. Not only that, but they seem like they could be really, really funny. I love a man (or men in this case) with great humor. Their stage presence is phenomenal. All of them. Every. Single. One. Probably some pretty cool guys to hang out with. So…maybe hangout with me?

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5. Jon Bellion: I caught his show back in 2015 in Columbus, Ohio. I had no idea who he was, but once his performance started I was having a great time. His lyrics are deep and clever. He seemed excited on stage and, like I’ve said time and time again, stage presence can make or break an artist. He is my secret love. He’s another one that has found a niche. He’s created his own genre and I absolutely adore him. And that beard? I’m in.

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4. Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots: I have always had a strange thing for drummers. Josh is so unique. I mean, a guy who colors his hair crazy and basically doesn’t care. Then he’s in Twenty One Pilots who is one of my all-time favorites? He’s a little cutie and I don’t care how serious he tries to be on an album cover he has my heart. Seems like he could be super silly and also super sweet so he’s making the list.

3. Andrew & Devin Oliver of I See Stars: The brothers. Oh these two brothers. A lot of guys in metal are great, but I mean two brothers who are super adorable and have a band together. They put on a great performance and have created their own sub-genre of metal. I mean metal with hints of EDM? Genius. I was so grateful to see them at Warped Tour this past summer. Great stage presence, great performance, great music, and they aren’t bad looking on top of that. I would say a cheesy Valentine line, but I feel like there is no classy way to ask two brothers to be your Valentine.

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2. Jahan & Yasmine Yousaf of Krewella: Stunning does not even remotely describe these women. Men and women drop to their knees in the sister’s wake. They’re strong and independent and don’t need anyone. They DJ. They do vocals. They perform. They are awesome. You will never argue in anyone else’s favor with me as long as they continue to be super cool and rock it. Jahan & Yasmine, you don’t have to be my Valentine; just come to Nashville and we’ll call it even.

1. Nick Jonas: Not sorry at all. If you didn’t already know this was coming then I don’t know what to tell you because I made it pretty clear this was happening. When Nick finally dumped The Administration and just became Nick Jonas; I’m pretty sure I actually literally melted. I sat in my car in a church parking lot listening to “Chains” on repeat. That’s really embarrassing, but I can’t deny it. I had a Jonas Brother’s closet shrine until I was 19-years-old. Judge me all you want, but he is a sexy man with a smoldering attitude and that voice. I think the best part of Nick Jonas is that I still have this innocent image of him and then he goes to an awards show with a NARB from a weed lollipop. Nick, if you are reading this just know I’m really cool and no longer have posters of you all over my room. Will you be my Valentine?

Christina Salvati

Christina is the Media Relations Manager based in Nashville and a mother of one rambunctious child and two cats. Her pet peeve is when people aren't open to new music. She has worked behind the scenes at a few music festivals and met plenty of artists she wishes to never meet again. Before she was 21 she mastered the art of sneaking into shows. Now that she's of age, she has begun a new chapter in her musical journey.