[011 BulletCast] Einmusik Guest Mix

Einmusik has been a force of nature within the underground world, and never really fitting into one single mould or genre. His sets follow a range of creativity and inspiration, taking his listeners on a type of adventure that can never be predicted. He has been a part of many labels in his career until finally, tired of not having the power to release the music he urgently wanted the world to hear, he began his own label, Einmusika. This label has quickly risen high, with over 85 releases, a radio show with Ibiza Global Radio, and signed releases with serious players in the game. Names like Jonas Saalbach, Acid Pauli, Oliver Schories, along with a plethora of world-traveling DJs. Known for live sets and ability to read the crowd, Einmusik's talent comes from a desire to bring a smile to anyone tuning in. 

Can you tell us about this mix, what kind of thoughts or emotions went into it?

I made the mix directly after coming back from touring, so I heard some new tracks and I checked my promos. And of course, I brought some pearls in which will soon be out on my imprint, Einmusika. It’s a mixture of my actual taste and I hope you like it too.

As an artist who fits into no single category or “type” of DJ, what are your thoughts on the electronic scene’s need to place so many genres and sub-genres on today’s music?

I think it’s great how electronic music developed in the past years. Of course not everybody is happy with streaming, with EDM or whatever, but in general we are bringing the people on the dance floor and that is great. I am producing music which is coming from the heart, and that makes it easy for me to present them in my live set at my gigs. Playing my own music at gigs is already a wonderful thing and to entertain people at the same time makes my job the best job in the world. 

How did Einmusika start and what have been the biggest lessons you've learned from running your own music label?

Einmusika started because I was a bit bored to wait for labels to release my music. They always told me things like 'we’ll maybe bring it out in half a year.' But I wanted to have the power to release music that was relevant for me at that exact time and that was the reason why I started the label. And the biggest lesson I learned out of this, as Einmusika has become one of the bigger labels now, is that it's still all about working with new talented producers and giving these talents a platform. The whole scene is built on these important values, my project Einmusik and Einmusika would never be where it is right now without this hard work behind the scenes. This work with huge talent is the base of everything. That’s my personal lesson in label business.  

Has there been a time when music or a life experience has changed your outlook and changed what influence you want to be to the world?

Every time I see new cities while touring I am thankful, because I get so much power and inspiration out of it. I wanna bring some good hours for the people, it doesn’t matter what their background is. I want to make them dream and smile with me and my music. I think in end the key to reach people you normally would not meet is through music.

What has given you the inspiration to be the bold artist that you are, never fitting into any single genre or norm and playing to your own adventure?

I am just doing what feels right to me. I am influenced by so many genres, was touring first as a D&B DJ, and also did trance. I was listening to 80’s and hip-hop and every single song influenced me. I love the mixture and the freedom to do what I like. It was never my goal to be a producer for hits or Beatport Top 100. For me, it is important that the music feels good and honest when I am performing them, and mostly the people's reaction is showing me if I am right. Like a mirror. 

As you continue your tour across the world, are there any parties that you are especially looking forward to?

I am really happy to be back in the U.S. in December and I will repeat my tour in South Africa at the beginning of 2017. I am really looking forward to leaving the European weather. *laughs* But in general, if you have the right people around you, it doesn't mater where I'm playing my set!

Kristin Gray

Kristin is Media Relations Manager and Atlanta native. Music is her passion (duh), but so are planes, trains and automobiles. Basically anything that will get her to the next adventure. Other talents include awkward yet unashamed dance moves, terribly punny jokes, and finding hidden spots around Atlanta.