[012 BulletCast] Salah Ananse Afrique Electrique Guest Mix

Celebrating the upcoming release of the Bullet Music "Stories of The History of House in Atlanta" piece, we bring in a DJ still very much active in keeping the music here alive. Working in Atlanta as a DJ and producer for over 20 years, Salah Ananse boasts collaborations with DJs like Kai Alce and DJ Kemit, as well as traveling internationally for recurring gigs around the world. If you're ever in Atlanta, you can probably find Salah performing at either of his two parties, Sunday School and Afrique Electrique, or spinning his tracks at the annual outdoor House in the Park festival, where he holds a residency.

As an artist who composes their own vocals and has provided vocals for other DJs as well, did you grow up with any training in this or are you self-taught?

I went to a performing arts high school in Atlanta. We would do shows throughout the U.S. and Europe. I loved it. I learned a lot there.

Tell us about some of your biggest accomplishments in your career so far, how did these achievements shape you?

That's hard to say. I've had a run of successful Afrique Electrique parties at Miami's WMC. My group The Late Night Affair's track "The Way" has really worked its way into the hearts of a lot of folks.

When producing your music, what is your biggest muse?

I take bits and pieces from different influences. Prince, Marvin Gaye, Louie Vega, Josh Milan, AtJazz, Osunlade and Black Coffee have all influenced me. But when I work with another artist, I always try to get in their space and write specifically for them. I frequently sit and talk to an artist to get a bit of their energy and write a track on the spot.

What keeps you going back to Brazil for those recurring gigs?

I love Brazil. I love the energy in the Pelourinho section of Salvador de Bahia. There's an unapologetic African presence there. Their rhythms, spirituality and people are unlike anything you will experience anywhere else outside of Africa. 

What are some projects you are working on now, anything in the local Atlanta scene?

Right now, I'm finishing up two EP projects. One focuses on the spiritual journey of Africans in the Americas. The other is an ode to the Edgewood club scene.

Come join the Bullet Music team as we celebrate the "Stories of the History of House" piece with some of Atlanta's most renowned DJs. Event info HERE.

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