[013 BulletCast] Nasser Baker Groovy Guest Mix

Young and determined, Nasser Baker has emerged onto the scene as label boss Dennis Ferrer's next protege. With a successful debut EP, Salutations, he is now due to release a new five track EP, Gramercy. Join us in this groovy, vocal mix as you read about Nasser's journey from meeting Dennis in a studio, to playing the NYC Boiler Room, and then at Luxor Live as the Grim Reaper.

In your recent two week stay in Europe you mentioned Halloween as being a particularly memorable part. Have any stories from that?

To be honest I don't really celebrate Halloween. I haven't dressed up or gone trick or treating since I was younger. It’s funny though, when my manager told me that I had a gig and that it was a Halloween party it caught me off guard. I didn’t know if I had to wear a costume. I eventually decided to dress up, but didn't know what to wear. I found this Grim Reaper robe and wore that. When I got to the party the booth setup was unreal. Luxor Live really went all out with the setup. They put a sign in front of the DJ booth that said "HELL," and on the sides of the sign there were two glowing red ice pillars, and the backlight for the DJ booth was red. I’ve never seen that before. The party was amazing.

What lead to you and Dennis Ferrer to cross paths and ultimately landing you a spot with his label, Objektivity? Has he been a sort of mentor for you in your early career, and do you think having that is important early on?

Before meeting Dennis, I first met the The Martinez Brothers and their father at a radio show. Soon after, their father took me to Dennis' studio and introduced us and we quickly became cool. He then became my mentor. Whenever I got a chance I would go to Dennis’ studio, I would sit in on him working on a song or I would show him my songs and he would show me what was wrong with my track and what I could do to make it better. Everyday would be a different lesson. For the most part Dennis showed me the technical aspect of production. Eventually I put together a four track EP, Salutations, that he later released on Objektivity. I believe having a mentor early on is very important. To guide you, to push you, and to give you confidence to move forward towards your goals.   

Playing a Boiler Room set is a nice milestone in any DJs career, what are some upcoming goals you have set for yourself?

I love Boiler Room. I watch their streams all the time. Being able to play at Boiler Room was special and I had an amazing time playing the Objektivity Takeover with the crew. My goal is to be amongst my peers and to be on the same stage as the top DJs. From the words of my mentor, "I don't want to BE the best...I want to be ONE of the best."

Tell us about your upcoming EP, Gramercy, and what lessons did you take away from its production?

Gramercy is a five track EP with three original tracks (two tracks and one vocal) and two remixes. This EP will be released on Suara later this month. What I took away from this EP was the overall sound of my tracks. With every track I make I’m always trying to make it sound as best as it could technically. I sometimes redo the mixdowns until I feel it’s right.

Kristin Gray

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