[015 BulletCast] Abeer - The Deeper Search

Bullet Music is proud to present Pakistan native, Abeer, for our 15th installment of BulletCast. Working hard to spread his musical talent and bring to the light the music scene in his home country, Abeer is constantly seeking out new music and ever evolving his sound. So sit back, turn up that volume and sip some more coffee as Abeer serenades you with this deep, melodic mix.

Tell us about growing up in Pakistan. Where does your love for music come from and what challenges have you faced in making music a career?

Living and growing up in Pakistan has always been amazing as it’s an eye opener to greater things, seeing how Pakistan is being represented, especially when it comes to music. I personally think Pakistan has a lot of potential in music, it just needs to be more widely exposed. Even though I wasn’t going to many music concerts, I still had immense love for music. It all started off for me with rock music, then moved onto trance, and landed at techno before going into deep techno. One of the challenges for the music scene in Pakistan is it wasn’t really big at the time, but I still keep myself involved with music and find ways around these challenges to get myself more exposure into the world of music.

Where do you see your musical influence going? Are you aiming to travel and play more gigs, or concentrate more in the studio producing?

I want to see my musical influence more widely exposed to the world and be heard. There is so much music in the world today. Many people are influenced by the music they listen to and it’s a way to find a common thing with the audience who listens to the same music genre.

How did releasing with Skadana Records help launch your career?

Skadana Records gave me plenty of recognition and exposure in the Pakistan music scene and it has been a big part of my DJ career since.

Are there any upcoming projects you have been working on you can tell us about?

For now, I have some upcoming mixtapes for various SoundCloud channels, and every Sunday I have my mixtape on air with Soundtrip Radio Show, channel 1.

Kristin Gray

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