[019 BulletCast] Franck Roger's Mix For The Curious

For this installment of BulletCast we bring you Paris native, Franck Roger. Lover of old school Chicago and Detroit house, Franck shares teenage year experiences in the club scene in Paris and the vision he's chasing with his label, Home Invasion.

Looking back in time to your younger years, what was the music scene like in Paris and was it easily accessible?

I started to go into the club when I was 16, so I wasn’t allowed to be in the clubs. But I had some friends who could get me in. And there were some really famous DJs that I wanted to see, Wednesday and Saturday’s at Rex Club, back in the day. And then we had a lot of overseas DJs come in from Chicago, Detroit, and New York. I grew up with old school house, so I am an old school guy today! This music was the real meaning of deep house and acid house. We grew up with this. And we would run radio shows then too, and I was really into all of this. I was young and excited, spending all my money on records. And now when you go into a club it’s all these kids in there, spilling beer on you and not saying sorry, just asking for a cigarette. It’s so different today.

With social media and internet giving us such easy access to this music now, do you think this has taken away from the challenge of finding the music and parties, or do you see it as a positive?

No, I think it is a great tool, it’s magic. But it is 50/50 in my opinion. It does kill a bit of the experience to me, but I will admit that with all the social media channels, it allows more people to become a DJ. Now you can become a DJ with just a laptop. And you see so many young people now that get excitement and energy over the music, and then take it further. They can create a unique fusion or sound and bring it to the table, share it among more people. They’ve gotten really clever. And this music is now worldwide, which is a very good thing!

You recently played a Boiler Room set in Paris. How do these intimate sets differ for you as a DJ to the typical club gigs?

The thing about playing a Boiler Room set is there is no pressure of competition or one-upping anyone. You can get in there and just be you, it gives you that freedom to play as you want. I really wanted to do something clever but also futuristic for this set. Which kind of represents where I am today as a DJ. But it is a good experience to play, probably one of the best.

Your label, Home Invasion has been successfully releasing for three years now. What direction do you see the label going in?

For this label, I really wanted to go back to a white label, no print or anything. And we release only on wax, I wanted to create a label for a different world, a curious world full of curious people. Music is made for curious people, like reading books. It is how I am. I grew up curious and I always have been, I wanted to go back to influencing those people. So I am going back to those times with this label. And we are not releasing anything on Beatport, this is all pressed vinyl, so we have much fewer releases, but you make more money from each release. With Beatport, it can be hard to make money but pressed wax is expensive now. And of course we don’t sell as many pieces of vinyl, maybe 1,000. But that is not the point. It’s about going back to those roots and finding those people genuinely curious about the music.

As a vinyl enthusiast, what the favorite record you own? If you could get your hands on any record ever made, what would it be?

Ahhh...that is such a hard question! I’ll call you back in one hour! I’m kidding, I think one of my old favorites is this record from Chicago, it’s by Gherkin Records, from Mandeé Oliver and the track is called "Make Me Want You." I have probably five different copies and I take at least one everywhere I go. This is always in my top five and this track is from the '90s.

Are there upcoming projects we can expect from you? 

Nothing crazy. My projects are making music for my label and doing remixes for my label. My project is to focus on Home Invasion.

Kristin Gray

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