[022 BulletCast] Kai Alce's One Night in The A Mix

On this edition of BulletCast, we bring you Kai Alce, House music DJ/producer and the creator of the NDATL Muzik production company. We have much awaited interviewing Kai for both his skills as a selector and as an avid Atlanta house music proprietor! Alce started Atlanta's House in the Park with DJ Ramon "Rawsoul" Guyton in 2005 as a "gift" to their dedicated followers who attend the monthly curated events called The Gathering at The Music Room.

Kai has been kind enough to hand us his "One Night in the A Mix" which you can listen to, along with the full interview here!

How do you find some time with your busy schedule to come up with new ideas for music?

Usually when you come back from out of town, hopefully, if you’re not too tired you come back with the energy, or the inspiration to work on stuff. So usually when I get home, once I get over the initial jet lag, I usually have the inspiration to jump into the studio. Kinda comes naturally.

Do you think there are any challenges that hinder your creation process?

I can produce here, at home. I’m not one to produce on the road, even with all the convenience you have with technology, being able to do things on your computer. I produce in my environment.

Can you tell us about any new projects you might have coming up?

Right now at the moment, I’m finishing up an album project by this girl named Kayenne whom her album will be produced not only myself but other Atlanta producers such as Kemit, Chris Brann, Salah Ananse, Stefan Ringer, DelvynW, Ricky Corey, and Kafélé Bandélé. So that's the next big thing. I have a few singles coming out from artists such as Norm Talley, 12 inches from myself, and another 12 inches from a guy named Vincent Haliburton.

Tell me about what artist you’ve been supporting this year?

My usual. Some other people I'm supporting are artists such as Stefan Ringer and Salah. Who else have I been backing? Of course, there is always the tried and true Larry Heard.

If you could come out on any new age label what would it be, and why?

I guess I don't know any because I don't know any of the new age labels. I don't think. 

When did you start getting into house?

Oh, wow. I don’t if there’s such a thing. I mean maybe house got into me because I was just there when it was becoming itself. It wasn't a matter of it existing and me finding it. It was sort of like when it came about it something that I just happened to be around at the time and as music evolved, ya know? Hip hop came out, or hip hop was already out, ya know? I just gravitated towards dance music. That what I felt I wanted to play.

Can you explain a little bit about growing up in the house music scene when it was evolving? Were there any challenges?

Well, at the time there weren't many challenges for me. I was a teenager. I mean it was all fun and games. I knew some of the pioneers such as Derrick May and what not. I was more of an observer. Not being aware of how it was affecting the world until later. At that moment I was just living in the moment. As many of them were as well. I don’t really think that many of them thought 30 years later they’d still be DJing, or still playing mixed music.

On that note, do you think today the house music scene/movement was just as strong as it was 30 years ago?

Yes, definitely. I think it's definitely stronger over in Europe. I think is becoming stronger again here in the states. The kids have to find the entrance again because that's where innovation and change come from. The elders were here to make a pathway and show them how it's done. Yeah, we need those who are interested here in the states, as well as in Europe, but more so in the states. We need of the Latino and the black, that type of youth to be more interested because they were the ones who created it. To keep that true soul of it still, I think we need more of them back interested in what's going on.

Kai Alce is set to play at the 13th Annual House in The Park Festival on September 3, 2017, in Atlanta's Grant Park alongside Ramon Rawsoul, DJ Kemit, and Salah Ananse. Admission is free but you can make a donation here. This is a family friendly event where there will be music, food, drinks, and soul flowing throughout the park from 12-8 PM. Don't show up late, space fills up fast!

If you don't want to wait until Sunday, check out Distinctive presented by Kai Alce featuring Omar S. of FHXE at Space2 on Friday, September 1.

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