It is our pleasure to welcome the Swedish duo, Bambook, to represent [03 BULLETCAST]. 

What is the story behind this mix? Was there any special moment or inspiration that helped along its production?

We are in the mood for summer vibes. In two weeks we are heading to Off Week at Sonar Festival Barcelona to play the Jeudi Records rooftop pool party. It's all about good vibes, summer, sea, sunshine and rooftops! This mix has it all. 

Who have been some of the most influential people you have worked with when producing, and how has that shaped where you are now?

To name a few, as there are many, but we definitely loved working with Cari Golden, Jennie Abrahamsson, Name One, Mennie, Monte, Just Jack, Chaim, Javier Orduna, Quina and Mâhfoud. They are all unique and influential in their own way, which inspires!  

Can you tell us about some upcoming projects and releases?

We have been busy working on multiple projects and releases. We started a new project under the name Quina alongside the talented Emilio Arias who is based in Miami, and together we managed to produce great cuts that will be released on Bpitch Control, Chapter 24 and Jeudi Records. Champy is another project under the roof of Bambook. First release, "Cult" just came out on Karlovak. Stay tunes for upcoming releases on Culprit, Fayer, Flashmob Ltd, Rocket Music, Beesemyer Music, JEUDI Records.

What do you wish to communicate to your audience through your music, and what personally do you get from the music you create?

That music is beautiful and tastes different to each one of us. We need to present the underground to be always underground. 

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Kristin Gray

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