[05 BULLETCAST] Sishi Rosch Exclusive Mix

Sit back and enjoy an exclusive guest mix from our friend, Sishi Rosch for the fifth presentation of BULLETCAST

We had the chance to chat with Sishi about a recent vinyl only release, as well as some additional upcoming projects. Watch out world, this guy is on the move. 

Tell us about the vinyl only release that you recently came out with on Worx

Well, the label is owned by my good friend The Mekanism. Me and Damien have been messaging each other and sending tracks to one another back and forth for the last year or so, and I thought I would make him some music for his vinyl-only label. The EP is basically straight up ghetto, acid-house which me and Damien specialize in now a days. It has been in the #1 spot for deejay.de's 'Acid' House & Techno charts the last two weeks which I am very happy for.

What about the acid house genre is so appealing to you?

I have to admit that I am a acid house-head, can't really explain it, just sounds really good to me. I've been listening to acid house since the late 90's so it has been deeply rooted within me. Some of my biggest releases up to date have been acid house, even though I make all sorts of different house genres. I figure stick to what sounds best, acid.

Do you think it's important for DJs to learn how to play on vinyl nowadays?

100%, yes. I learned how to dj with vinyl back in 1999 and I am so happy that it was that way. There is nothing better in my opinion that djing with wax, looks better, sounds better, is better. I think that the digital era has made lots of djs very lazy and no talent is required to press sync buttons. Just sayin'.

Your label, Digital Delight is co-founded with Diego Moreno. Which role do each of you play in making it run smoothly?

Yes, I opened this label with my homeboy Diego back in Barcelona like six years ago. I think we both do a little bit of everything to be honest. We have a very good friendship and understanding so it's quite easy. It also helps a lot that we both have very similar tastes in music. We receive lots of demos sent to us from all over the world so its definitely lots of fun selecting music and managing it.

What are some other projects you are currently working on for 2016?

I have a couple of good ones actually, I am going to be starting my second full length Hip-Hop album which I am very excited about. I also have some huge releases coming up on my newest label Raw Rhythms Limited, including a really dope EP by my homies from Manchester, Scurrilous. Definitely ones to watch.

I also have an EP dropping on Heidi's label Jackathon Jams on September 2. This might be one of the biggest EP's I have dropped in a long time. It has been getting huge feedback from really big name djs, so I am really looking forward for it to drop.

Liz Peña

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