[07 BULLETCAST] Lupe Fuentes "Road To Sundown" Mix

Native of Colombia and current L.A. resident, Lupe Fuentes has been proving her worth through an undeniable work ethic and a true passion for her music. We were able to talk to her In The Loop, reasons behind her motivation, and how the beauty of love has affected her life. So turn up that volume, get cozy, and enjoy the seventh installment of [BULLETCAST].

What keeps you motivated to continue to release records at the impressively fast rate that you do?

I love music in general and it’s music itself that keeps me motivated whether it’s a vocal, a bassline or the tone of a track that I hear. It motivates me to create something inspired by that. Or it gives me an idea of how would I approach that idea in my own way, and that is how the magic starts to happen.

Do your "crazy goon" fur babies get to go on many travels or adventures with you?

My Chihuahua Bambi gets to come with me a lot, since she weighs only two pounds and is very well trained, so it’s super easy to bring her. My other dog is a French Bulldog and she is a little bigger, like around 20 pounds, so a good friend of mine takes care of her when I am away. I am a big dog lover so it’s very hard for me to leave them when I have to. 

What is love to you?

That is a very big question since to me love is the single most powerful feeling in the world. Great things have been achieved in the name of love. To me love is unconditional, forgiving, and supportive. Love is the impossible made possible. As you can see I am a real romantic *laughs* I have been married for seven years so I know what I am talking about.

Tell us about your label, In The Loop, what your vision is for it?

I launched my own label, In The Loop, in the end of 2014. We release singles and EP’s every week from different artists. My latest collaboration with Todd Terry was released on In The Loop a month ago and my good friend Kerri Chandler remixed one of my tracks entitled “1000 Watts” that came out in the beginning of the year. It’s very exciting to take an idea and build something from the ground up, taking responsibility for cultivating this sound in our industry. My vision for the label is to create a platform with a specific sound to bring good quality house and techno for years to come. 

What have been some of the most influential moments or people that have affected your DJ career?

I really try to not base my decisions or career moves on what other people say or do. There have been some truly amazing people that I have met in this industry, that have definitely given me words of wisdom like Kerri Chandler, Todd Terry, etc. Real friends that I keep close to my heart. 

What are some projects you are working on that we can look forward to?

I’m working very hard and staying very focused to establish the brand of my label In the Loop. My radio station, Subdustrial, 24/7 underground music all year round, which is powered by Dashradio. And overall, just to continue making music and living a good life. 

Kristin Gray

Kristin is Media Relations Manager and Atlanta native. Music is her passion (duh), but so are planes, trains and automobiles. Basically anything that will get her to the next adventure. Other talents include awkward yet unashamed dance moves, terribly punny jokes, and finding hidden spots around Atlanta.