Horrible Children Play Nice with Joey Beltram

By Clara Goode

After taking a hiatus from Atlanta’s party scene, the promotion group, Horrible Children reintroduced itself on Saturday. The party, which featured techno legend Joey Beltram marked their first in a series of monthly events taking place over this year. The group is seeking to reanimate their fan base by providing a darker, stranger alternative that can not be easily found elsewhere in the music scene.


Adult Content, held at EQ Nightclub, boasted a small, but enthusiastic crowd. The club itself is one long room and when you walk in you can see straight through to the back exit if there are few enough people. The walls are black brick and the lighting comfortingly dim, except for the area in front of the DJ which sparkles with laser lights.

The show is already in full swing when I arrive and the dance floor is alive with gyrating, bouncing bodies of all size, shape and dress. Some move together, swaying with the music, others stamp their feet like tribal warriors dancing around a flame. Costumes of all kinds permeate the scene. A large man passes me dressed in post apocalyptic armor, a younger woman has a hello kitty backpack, pigtails and is playing with globes of light.


Horrible Children prides itself on the weird and sensual experiences it provides and tonight is no exception. On either side of the DJ two women dance on platforms dressed in varying styles of lingerie. Above and behind him a screen flashes various scenes depicting dark and in some cases, grotesque things, but so entrancingly portrayed that it is hard to look away. The music is harsh, the rhythms attractive to dance to, but uncomfortably invasive. For many parties of this nature, there are several rooms so one can escape the volume easily. EQ is so small, however, that the only real escape is outside and in the middle of January, this isn't an appealing option.


It was obvious throughout the night that the show would be counted as a success. Horrible Children is off to a good start. Their fans welcomed them back with love and their energy made it clear that they are excited for what the future holds.

Photo Credit: Andrea Sutherland & Ben BodyControl

Clara Goode

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