[Interview] Angelo Ferreri: The New Kid on the Block


By Frank Duke  

Photos by Teddy Williams

A new kid on the block, maybe, but Angelo Ferreri has established himself as a standout curator in the jacking house style. He is without a doubt someone to watch out for.

I get to EQ Nightclub a bit early after having dinner with my friends and family. Walk up to the bar, grab a drink, and catch up with the regulars and staff of EQ. It has been a while since I’ve been here but feels good to be back.


When I arrived there was a driving, dark, rumbling techno coming from these guys. This sound system is not for the faint of heart. You feel every small detail in your stomach, and I love it. Raskal and Bri are a duo that I have not yet heard, but I was really digging them starting off with some darker techno grooves.

As the night progressed, they started warming up the sound, breaking open the atmosphere, to make room for the funk master himself. Brendon Rosenbaum makes his way onto the decks and starts playing grooves that I haven’t heard in Atlanta for a while. It was great to get something a bit different. People started dancing, laughing, hugging, high-fiving, and enjoying themselves.


I was sitting on one of the sleek lounge couches they have pressed up a 20ft+ brick wall. I see a friend of mine walk in with Angelo. I heard they were spending time in the studio together all afternoon. We catch up momentarily, talk about how the studio was and make introductions between Angelo and ourselves.

Angelo and I stepped outside to talk about his new record label, his music, his travels and PlayStations. Click play below and take a listen for yourself.


We stepped back inside, got ourselves a few drinks, and I showed him around to the booth. The room was really grooving when we got back inside. I start feeling that indescribable feeling house music creates. Brendon Rosenbaum finalizes his closing statements with an upbeat, lush bass, shuffling high hat sound. Angelo makes his way onto the decks and starts off with some darker tracks that are a bit more driving. I make my way to the sweet spot on the dance floor.


He begins to take us all on a house music journey from driving and soulful, to funky and upbeat, to hip hop infused grooves, to laid back, all while making seamless transitions between these styles. There was never a moment where I thought, “Hmm - that was a bit random.” I never felt like the tracks he played didn’t flow. It was Jacking House perfection. If you’re not familiar with jacking house, I suggest you take a listen to some of his stuff he’s pumping out of speakers.


The night ended and we stayed around and talked a bit more with one another. I told him, "I can't wait to see you really rock it man. I truly hope you get to come back to Atlanta again soon.”

Until then, we just have the memories and the vibes to hold onto.