Haywyre headlines his first show at Terminal West

By Lauren Purcell

Photos by Teddy Williams

I was racing through Atlanta, trying to get to the venue to see Haywyre play his first headlining show at Terminal West. I might have cut it really close with a few red lights and I’m sure the guy in the red Volvo didn’t appreciate me cutting him off to turn onto Marietta. However, I made it.

The bass was pulsating, almost enough to send you into a coma. Yet, Vogt’s melodic piano keys sent you into a state of euphoria. Here are the highlights of the night:

The digital backdrop during his performance was probably the coolest aspect of an electronic show that I’ve been to. He had one camera facing the audience and another camera focused on his keyboard. The live feed of his hands playing was juxtaposed with trippy visuals and bursts of colors, which caused the audience to burst into excitement every time he displayed his skills.


Haywyre performed his rendition of “Smooth Criminal” and displayed the pixilated Michael Jackson from the video game on the screen. The pixilated MJ moonwalked behind him as his magical fingers twiddled their way into the crowd’s waving hands. It was entertaining to watch this image dancing behind him while he played the iconic song and tribute to an amazing musician.

Haywyre 5

He showed a lot of appreciation for the crowd. This was his first time headlining at Terminal West and the crowd was definitely enjoying the set. He took a moment, halfway through his set, to announce to the crowd that he was feeling the love and getting great vibes from them. It was very heart-warming to see his appreciation for the crowd, even though it wasn’t a massive festival or huge venue.

Haywyre 2

His keyboard was proudly displayed for the audience to observe, even if it wasn’t projected on the digital backdrop. It was slightly titled towards the crowd, rather than a flat surface. A lot of musicians in this field are hidden behind computers or turntables and synthesizers. However, being able to see the artist produce and create the sounds you are hearing is way more entertaining and passionate.

Haywyre 3

The encore was epic. The crowd cheered for one more song for about one minute and Haywyre finally emerged from behind the stage. He performed “Insight” and the bass was pumping. The digital backdrop flashed between his name being displayed, images of the crowd, and his keyboard. The lights were flashing, thick vape smoke was in the air, and the crowd was going crazy with so much hype. It had to be one of the most pumped up songs he performed for the night.


Haywyre’s Two Fold Pt. 2 Tour rocked Terminal West last Saturday night and continues until March 18th.

You can find tour dates and his entire discography on his website.