Top 9 Reasons to Attend Fool's Paradise in St. Augustine.

By Annabel Shettel

Are you on the fence about whether to head down to Fool's Paradise?  Your ticket not only ensures the experience of the festival, but a beautiful journey in historic St. Augustine.

1. St. Augustine transforms into Funkytown USA for two days!

Located just hours away from Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Orlando - St. Augustine will experience a flood of people from all over to enjoy warm weather and funk music. The weekend is guaranteed to be full of relaxation and inspiring sounds!

2. Local musicians and artists.

Not only will there be musicians traveling to the fest from other states and countries, but you will have your socks knocked off by local musicians as well. Two local bands include Groove Orient (Orlando) and Herd of Watts (Jacksonville). Not to mention, St. George Street and Flagler College are chock-full of musical talent.

3. ”Chasing the Golden Hour."

St. Augustine Amphitheater is the perfect venue for hosting an event like Fool's Paradise. It's an open-air venue with a view of the city. The sunset from inside of the amphitheater is an unforgettable sight to see.

4. Artist led excursions.

You have the chance to explore St. Augustine by checking out local attractions with musicians. These excursions include miniature golf with Lettuce, sailing with Shady Horns, or crocodile zip lining with Break Science. (Hurry before tickets sell out!)

5. Yoga.

What better place to center oneself than in a beach town? Picture this - the ocean sunrise, coupled with the intracoastal sunset, close to the ocean waves, breathing in the salty air with music echoing from a distance. Namaste indeed.

6. Lettuce is playing twice in one weekend!

Need we say more?

7. Late night shows. 

Friday and Saturday both offer entertainment beyond the festival grounds. Friday, Vulfpeck and Break Science host and then Saturday, Goldfish + Fool's of Funk take their shot at Elk's Lounge. Snag your tickets HERE.

8. Local attractions.

St. Augustine is full of activities! Paddleboarding, kayaking, surfing, parasailing, and scooter rentals are all available. Make sure to check out the museums, graveyard/ghost tours and San Sebastián Winery. Not to mention, there are endless places to dine on the beach or St. George Street.

9. Lettuce and GRiZ collaboration.

The ultimate reason you should be purchasing a ticket! Look no further than a once in a lifetime collaboration that will be a funky, electric, jazzy, and an unforgettable time!

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Annabel Shettel

Annabel is a Digital Media graduate and a multitasker at Bullet Music. She holds it down in Florida. She would describe herself as a music connoisseur with the personality of a unicorn. She enjoys thrifting, exploring the world, and discovering new music.