[Interview] Margot LOX talks chill vibes, dope scenes, and future escapades.


By Clara Goode

Photos by Teddy Williams

I walk up the wooden stairs to the newly built second floor of Alley Cat and I'm greeted by a room glowing from the string lights hanging behind the gauze draped ceiling. At a high-top table near the bar two people are leaning, sipping on recently acquired beers and talking amiably. The young man with dark hair looks up, sees me and immediately  walks over to greet me with a hug, reintroducing himself as Ramzi, aka Ramouz. I met him for the first time at Alchemy, he is the front man of Exposed who is sharing the stage with tonight’s headliner, Margot LOX.

Margot walks around the table to hug me. Her energy is laid back and she is all smiles, wearing a green hoodie and sneakers. She asks me if I want to go outside and have a cigarette and do the interview.

You’ve played a lot of festivals. Is there one experience that stands out to you above the others?

I’ve played maybe four or five. The first festival I ever played was actually Belize Electronic Music Weekend. That was fucking amazing because it was my first festival and in paradise. I don’t play too many festivals, more in clubs. I’ve played at Burning Man and I’ve played Afrikaburn. I’ve played a couple of desert parties. I’m going to play another desert party coming up at the end of April.

Margot LOX 3

Tell us about the upcoming desert party you'll be playing, that sounds interesting. 

It's a super dope venue I played at for a friend's birthday at the border of Mexico in California, east of San Diego. Someone who was at that party decided to take over the venue and do his own party and asked me to play. He said I was one of his first choices when he started booking. Just good, like-minded people getting together to have a special experience. 

You travel all over the globe. What led to the decision and/or ability to move beyond simply playing in your home city of LA?

I was working full-time in my corporate job. I worked in the ad sales industry for seven years, and for about a year and half of that I was DJing, like two to four nights a week. I was really fucking tired so I decided to quit. I knew that I didn’t want to stay in LA, I wanted to travel. I wanted to take the money that I had saved all of those years and travel. I didn’t know where. At first, I wanted to move to Mexico and then I decided ‘why just one place?’ I want to see as much as I can. And then, obviously, I want to be DJing all the time so I just worked on talking to friends and just making friends wherever I went. When you have more friendships and more relationships then {you can} just play all over. I don’t call it networking, I call it making friends. Because if I don’t vibe with you on a friendship level, I’m not going to vibe with you in any other capacity. I do get along with most people. It's important to me, not networking but making friendships. Also, I have not been to Australia or Asia, yet...

What was it about house music that made you fall in love with it above other genres?

House is the reason that I started DJing. I was so obsessed with the music and always going to the club and seeing my favorite DJs and my friends perform. Going {to the parties} wasn’t fulfilling enough. I needed to actually be behind there, controlling that vibe, controlling the music, and connecting with everyone.

Margot LOX 2

Are you still making plans to produce in 2016?

Yes. I have a lot of friends who are talented producers and I want to work with them and learn from them. So as I travel around, I plan to be working with people and learning from them. This year the goal is definitely to release music.

You mention your family quite often on social media. Are you very close to them? What do they think of your chosen path?

I have family spread all over the country - Tennessee, Florida, and I grew up in California. My mom and dad's family live in Tennessee. Yeah, I’m super close to my family, very much. Even though we don’t live in the same city and I’m always gone, I love them, a lot. They laugh and they are super impressed with my path. They think its amazing, no one else in our family has traveled that much, or, you know, quit their job. My grandfather always says that he admires me, that he doesn’t know many people that decided to quit their job and follow their dreams.

You mentioned in an article a couple of years ago that you prefer vinyl for your own collection, but play mainly off of CDs in performances. Is this still the case?

When I DJ in clubs its always on a USB. All my tracks are on USBs. I have a vinyl collection, but because I’m traveling, I don’t get to play with it, which sucks. My vinyl collection is a lot of old school techno and house, but mostly old school hip-hop, like from the 90s. That's my heart right there. I can throw down on the old school hip-hop.

Margot LOX 4

You have eight shows coming up in the next month. Talk to me about the amount of work it takes to have such a stringent schedule. Do you enjoy it?

I’m super fucking excited. This is the first time I’ve played in two weeks, I’m already antsy {about playing} and have been bored not playing. This next set of gigs are probably going to be the most grueling. I’m going city to city in Mexico, which will be an adventure in itself. I’m so excited. The more I work the better because even if I’m tired, even if I feel like shit, this is what I want to do.

In terms of preparing, it's just an everyday journey of listening to promos. I listen to Soundcloud, pick out tracks on Beatport, and some days I won’t find anything. Some days I’ll find 20 tracks, then I’ll leave it there go back and listen to them again. After I listen again, I may hate all of the tracks except for maybe three, but those are going to be the magic. Then sometimes, if I play the track in the club it may sound terrible and then I never play it again. It's all trial and error and constant music discovery, it's a never-ending job.


After we chatted, we walked back upstairs to dance to the hypnotic melodies of Bullet Music's own, Frank Duke. Throughout the night, Margot showed the connectivity she talks about. She is a vibrant woman who is kind and open with the people around her. You can see she is genuinely invested in sharing positive energy with all who cross her path, not just through her music, but through her life as well.

Clara Goode

Interdimensional explorer addicted to a lifestyle of love and adventure. Dedicated to guiding lost souls to their own light through the power of written word. Tries not to take self too seriously. Loves dogs more than people and routinely disappears into the woods to hug trees.