[Interview] Lauren Lane kicks off an impressive 2016.

By Kristin Gray

Photos by Kathryn Lasso

April 2, 2016

With such a busy start to a new year and no signs of slowing, Lauren Lane is no doubt making a name for herself in the DJ community. She has played at major festivals and venues around the world including BPM Festival, Coachella and SXM Festival, just to name a few. Her new EP was released on Eats Everything's new label Edible, complete with a music video to showcase her title track "Diary of a Madwoman." Alongside her loyal travel companion, Bijou, you can expect to see Lauren continuing this busy schedule with her constant striving to create a positive musical influence for peers and fans alike. We talked with her about new beginnings, passions and making of music video.

You recently were in London to play at Electric Brixton for a United Ants event. What was that experience like, getting to play at their launch party for that city?

It was really cool getting to play the Ants party in London. It was a sold out show and the venue is really cool. Electric Brixton was I think the perfect place to do it because it has a lot of character and seemed like the people there were really into the music. I really enjoyed my set, and everyone else there played great as well.

The "Diary of a Madwoman" EP was just released on Eats Everything’s Edible Records, along with a video for the title track. Can you tell us about making the video?

We shot the "Diary of a Madwoman" video all in one night in New York. We basically had all the ideas together. My friend Michelangelo of Energea, and the assistant producer Shaun Benjamin, aka Kid Singapore, as well as the director and cinematographer Andrew Coury from Direct Narrative. The four of us went out and guerrilla shot all over the city. The story takes us on the subway in Manhattan outside different clubs, and on the street. And you’ll see a cool shot going over the 59th street bridge. It was great shooting in New York City because there are a lot of interesting places visually. It also holds a special place in my heart because I lived there for 10 years. I think that New York is a very good representation of the song because there are two sides of the city. There’s a kind of mystery around every corner.