Pig&Dan play to an open canvas, filled with darkness for Expand Projects.


By Frank Duke

The borderless and diverse duo, Pig&Dan, are known to play to many different pockets of techno and house music. The one and only, Pig, played an elegant set at Jungle Warehouse.

Patrick Morgan opens up the room with a dark, driving, and energetic tonality. He is the newly announced resident artist for the Expand Projects. You hear the excitement through his music. He focuses on playing into the aesthetic of an off the beaten path warehouse techno groove.    

We walk around the venue a bit, wondering where everyone is hiding. The techno community must have either been in Miami for Winter Music Conference, massively hungover from St. Patrick’s day, or tired from celebrating the great weather earlier in the day.

Luis Valencia makes his way into the booth and changes the texture of the atmosphere a bit. He plays more melodic, laid-back, long builds, with lush ambiances. He takes his time building the music, creating a wide sonic canvas for Pig to explore.

Spending most of our time up in the booth, hitting our heads on the stage decor once or twice, and losing our balance as we move about. The folks running the show turn off the visual wall behind the bar, making it difficult to even see your own hand. Pig comes to the booth and starts playing into the darkness.

Pig&Dan’s productions are known to be vast and varied. You hear this in their upcoming release on ELEVATE, the label the duo started in 2012. In this set, there are long filter sweeps, driving percussions, round kicks, bassline syncopations, and heavy hemiola. It's progressive, deep, driving, and abstract.


He reaches his pinnacle quite early in the set, and takes a long decay till the closing statements. As the driving train begins to slow, some people begin to trickle out and make their way home. At this point in the night, there are only die hard fans who truly want to confide into the underground vibe being illustrated. A family of misfits that wants nothing more than to be immersed into the profound musical selections of Pig.

This whole evening was a grand testament to what is to being built currently in Atlanta. The team behind Expand Projects is truly giving fans of all walks of life to have a place to call home and experience world renowned electronic music, no matter how intimate or explosive the night is.