[Interview] Peace, Love and Harmony to the Nth Degree.


By Clara Goode

The Brooklyn based super-group, The Nth Power has been spreading peace, love and harmonies since coming together during a late-night jam sesh at the infamous New Orleans Jazz Fest in 2012. The band’s soulful sounds combine genres from across the musical spectrum; including gospel, jazz, folk and blues to name only a few. The hard-hitting quintet is a powerhouse of sound and it’s experienced members have worked together, to not only maintain a rigorous tour schedule, but to also produce multiple albums. Their most recent of which, Abundance, combines poignant lyrics with catchy hooks, plus soulful melodies to take the listener on a journey to the core of their humanity.

Bullet sat down with drummer and Nth Power founder, Nikki Glaspie, for a quick conversation during their tour last week, in preparation for their appearance at Aisle 5 this coming Friday evening.

Tell me what it’s like to work and travel with such a powerhouse group of musicians.

It’s amazing {laughs}. It’s a dream come true to be able to play with people that are as musically proficient as I. I mean, that’s ultimately what anybody wants, who plays in a band. They want the band members to be as strong as they are musically.

You guys have maintained an incredibly demanding tour schedule, on top of putting out a full-length album. How do you keep such positive energy flowing through your relationships and your music while you are under the pressures of the road?

You know, that’s the thing. It’s not really stressful, it’s just busy. It’s quite the opposite of stress because we are doing what we love to do. In terms of me doing this interview right now, it’s not stressful, it’s just that I have to take time to do the things that need to be done and in turn this interview is going to help us do what we love to do. It’s not really stressful, it’s a balancing act.

(On the matter of personal relationships)

Technology is awesome. We typically do a lot of posts while we are touring. Our family and friends, they follow us, and they feel like they know what we are doing. We get to see family quite a bit, more often than people would think, which is really awesome.

The Nth Power prides itself on its diversity, both in its musicians and in the music it produces. Is this diversity always an asset or are there times where it is more of a challenge?

Definitely a challenge, but it’s for sure an asset. It’s a challenge in the sense that we kind of have to figure it out. {Figure out} how it’s all going to work together. It’s definitely an asset because people identify with different things that we do. If you’re a punk rocker, or you love R&B, or you love gospel, or you love folk or blues. I want to have people be able to identify with our music {no matter what}. It doesn’t matter what your background is. I feel like we have something for everybody.

(When asked about the opportunity for conflicts among band members)

It pretty much flows together because we are all versed in various types of music. We all love music, and we all respect things that we are not versed in. It flows pretty nicely, but that’s because we all listen to each other and we all respect each others ideas.

What went into the decision to cross over from festival circuit to radio hits?

We just wanna make good music that has a message. As far as song structure, and stuff like that, we wanted to have pop sensibility just to appeal to the masses because we really want to spread the message and get the word out there.

So, what’s the message?

The message is just love. That’s all it is.

All of your songs are very powerful, but I wanted to ask specifically about the inspiration behind “Holy Rain.”

Oh yeah. That song was inspired by a dream. Nick had a dream about this soldier on the battlefield. The soldier got shot and died, it was really just a conversation that he was having with God in his last moments. That was the inspiration behind the song.

Are many of your songs inspired in such an abstract way?

Some of them are. Some of them are just straight up life experiences. Stuff that we’ve been through, and just trying to get to the other side, trying to get out of it. “Right Now,” for instance, that song was inspired by the book “The Power of Now." It’s a book that talks about spiritual enlightenment and knowing the importance of now, what you’re living in. The past is gone, you can’t do anything to change it and the future is, it’s not here. You have right now. So whatever you do today, right now, that’s what matters the most.

You mention God a lot in your songs. Is your spirituality Christian based?

No, no it’s not. ”God” is just a name. You can call it whatever you want -Mother Earth, Universe, Buddha, Allah. We just say God because that’s just what we call it. A lot of people know what the word “God” represents, so {for us} it’s the easiest way to go about it.

What comes next for you as a band?

We want to go everywhere. Far and wide. I want to be the first band to play on the moon. I want to play Madison Square Garden. I want to play everywhere. I want the band really to just help people, promote healing and understanding, peace and love. That’s pretty much it.

When we asked Nikki if she had anything else she would like to add to the interview she responded with earnest sincerity, “We have to take care of each other. We are the only ones that we have, nobody is going to take care of us but ourselves. We have to take care of each other.”


The Nth Power plays alongside The Fritz at Aisle 5 on Friday, April 8. 

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