404 Day showcases genre diversity for ATL Locals at Terminal West.

By Kristin Gray

Photos by Ryan Purcell

True to its name, 404 Day kicks off on the fourth of April, this year a Monday night. Starting back in 2012 by Ricky Raw, this Atlanta event is a tribute to everything local. Not just musicians; artists and vendors showcase their work as well to show off just what the Atlanta local scene has to offer. 404 Day has previously been held at some of the city’s most iconic venues and locations - including the Clermont Lounge, East Atlanta Village, and, last year, a huge Edgewood block party. This year Terminal West hosts, one of Atlanta’s leading music venues

Because this year’s fourth fell on a Monday there was no block party spanning multiple restaurants and bars, but rather a fast-paced showcase of varied artists contained to Terminal West. Entering the venue, Sofa King Evil starts off the night and continues to host us for a 2 hour set. His track selection fills the space between set-up of the following artists all night. Around 8 p.m. the venue is still quiet and Stationside hosts many party goers until the dance floor gains additional occupants. Even the restaurant participates in the show, thanks to Ryan Purcell (aka Oh Snap Kid), who has a photo booth that's to become one of the main hits of the night. 

As I wander out back to the wide, enchantingly set up patio, I find some incredible art being created live by local artist Dr. Dax. A raffle is being held, all proceeds going to charity. One lucky winner will be getting an incredible 9-foot piece of art that truly reflects the heart of our city. A graffiti styled quote of “Forgive & forget. Love and let go."

As the night continues, we're treated to an array of musicians. Each of representing their own genre, from psychedelic rap, punk rock, hip hop, electronica and bass music. The Difference Machine follows Sofa King and provides a handful of psychedelic tracks, creating a spacey rap performance that brings in the dance floor crowd.

Next up is the Black Lips, a punk rock band that hypes up the entire night. Two inflatable dolls enter the scene - one I named Air Jordan (he got a lot of air time) and Boobzetta (guess why). The band’s high energy and sound gets us rowdy and even starts up a mini mosh pit. We'll call it a mosh circle. As Air Jordan travels far and wide across the dance floor, I see a couple guys proudly prancing back onto the dance floor toting toilet paper rolls stolen from the bathroom to roll the crowd. Folks are having fun, Air Jordan is having fun. He even gets passed along by the vocalist/guitarist of the band, Cole Alexander. Sadly, Boobzetta does not fare so well and is found, deflated and trampled upon, never to get the air time she so longed for. RIP Boobzetta.

As the Black Lips wrap up, the mosh crowd thins and we await the infamous Atlanta hip hop native, Young Dro. He's known for songs like "Shoulder Lean" and "We In Da City." His showcase features these hits. With a stage time of only thirty minutes, he and the last DJ of the night, Ployd, make the most of their time. They both go hard from start to finish, delivering to their fans. Though a small crowd remains, they loyally dance until the end. Tonight’s 404 Day showed a lot of promise and its feature of multi-genre and artistic performance showed what Atlanta has to brag about. Look out for its summer counterpart, 808 Fest, that will be sure to deliver such a level of music and art.

Kristin Gray

Kristin is Media Relations Manager and Atlanta native. Music is her passion (duh), but so are planes, trains and automobiles. Basically anything that will get her to the next adventure. Other talents include awkward yet unashamed dance moves, terribly punny jokes, and finding hidden spots around Atlanta.