[Interview] Rufus Du Sol stops at Terminal West on their Bloom World Tour.


By Kristin Gray

Rufus Du Sol is making waves and traveling the world over to share their beloved music. A must see group for anyone appreciative of or curious about the Alternative Dance genre. Hailing from Australia, the group hit the top hit charts soon after becoming a trio and have continued this trend of success ever since. Listening to their new album, Bloom, you hear the love and belief that went into this creation. The group's biggest desire is to share their passion with as many souls as possible.

Let us prep you for their arrival in Atlanta tomorrow. They are set to play at Terminal West and then continuing on to the remainder of their North American Tour. Sit back, enjoy this little conversation with lead singer, Tyrone Linqdvist.

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How is this tour, Bloom World Tour, different from the last?

We're playing most of Bloom for the first time ever. Great seeing reactions to the new material. It's also the biggest tour that we've ever done.

Did you ever see yourself playing at Lollapalooza for their 25th Anniversary celebration? Was this a big goal of yours and how did your booking come about?

I hadn't realized it was the 25th anniversary, so I can't say that was a goal. But yeah, playing Lollapalooza and Coachella and these crazy American festivals has always been a goal since we decided to play live music. It's a big pay off to see audiences over here paying attention. We're happy about it.

With your first album, Atlas, hitting the charts in Australia and a world tour well underway, you are already making a name for yourself in countries all over the world. What are your goals, musically, in the future?

Our second album, Bloom, is out right now. If you listen to it, you'll hear the progression from our first album Atlas. We just want to play the songs to as many people as possible, and when we're done doing that we'll think about what we want to do next. We're writing music every day so hopefully there will be a third album.



Your track, "Innerbloom," has such a beautiful atmospheric melody to it. What went into the production of this track and is there a story behind it?

Thanks. It's a special song for us. I don't want to ruin it for people by talking about what we get out of it. It feels like it's a song that everyone brings their own experience to. The first time we played it live, well before we released it, we looked out into the audience and saw people crying. We'd never seen anything like that at our shows before. It's clear there is something in it that connects with some people.

You have been making music together for six years. Looking back, is there anything you might have done differently?

We wouldn't be here if we'd done things differently. While we may have taken the long road, with a few choices, I'm not going to say we should have done things differently.


Can you tell us what it has been like getting to work with the very talented duo, Odesza? Are you looking forward to performing with them during your tour?

They are mates. We had them open for us in Australia in 2014 and last fall they returned the favor. They are good people and their music's connection with the world is great to see. Talented guys. Great people.

What are some upcoming projects you want your fans to know about?

Our second album, Bloom, is out right now. We spent the better part of a year and a half in a tiny little room writing it every day. Now we're on the other side of the world, away from our friends and family, playing it every night. We really believe in what we created and would love people to hear it. I guess that's the project we want people to know about {laughs}. Beyond that, there are solo projects and all sorts of things we're working on. But not gonna give too much away right now.


Rufus Du Sol plays at Terminal West tomorrow night with support from Cassian + Shuhandz.

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