M83: The French band buzzes it’s best hits in Houston.


By Pilar Alzate

The opportunity to see M83 had me so excited. It was my first time catching them play live. It was also my first time in Houston, Texas. As I was having a conversation with the taxi driver, I expressed my enthusiasm for the concert. The guy rapidly started talking about Justin Bieber. Apparently that same day the juvenile star was also performing.

I arrived to the White Oak Music Hall, the ambiance seemed so quiet. The entrance was organized with no lines. Once I got in, all I could do was stare at the beautiful Houston skyline. April 9th marked the grand opening for the unfinished open-air venue. A venue this size has enough space for food trucks, bar tents, multiple portable restrooms and a midsize stage.

yacht houston

At 8 p.m. Yacht, the LA based band, started the show and performed five of their most famous electronic-pop songs. The audience was still discreet, they did show much eagerness. Personally, I loved the vibe of the singer and the energy of their songs, but everyone else did not show much support and just gave out little applause.

The minute M83 got on stage, the lights turned down and the French band started singing "Reunion" from the Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming album released back in 2011, followed by "Do it, Try it," an energetic melody from their latest album, Junk. I predict "Do it, Try It" will quickly become the new fan favorite. The album was announced in March of this year and officially released in April. M83 quickly hopped back on tour, they started at The Civic Theater in New Orleans and will finish up in August at Le Cabaret Vert in Charleville- Mézières, France. The tour covers over sixty cities worldwide.

The show continued with "Steve McQueen" and "We Own the Sky." Right on the middle of the concert, Kaela Sinclair, a well-known Texas based singer, appeared to perform the vocals of "Oblivion." At that moment the crowd was a little more animated, but still no dancing or singing along. Even when "Midnight City" was in full swing, very few people shouted or showed any kind of appreciation.

Despite the good sound quality and the great performance of M83 from beginning to end, attendees looked as if they were more interested in talking with their friends or getting on their phones to check their social networks. It was a shame to see especially in front of an internationally known band who have been nominated for a Grammy.

M83 houston 1

"Outro" was the track selected to close the show. After the band thanked the attendees and said “goodbye," the group reappeared and sang three more songs, "For the Kids," "Laser Gun," and "Lower your Eyelids to Die with the Sun." I left the venue satisfied with the act but with a strong feeling for the insipid audience. Hopefully, in the other cities of the tour, they will receive more love and gratitude from the crowd.


Pilar Alzate

Born and raised in Colombia. Studied Journalism in La Sabana University in Bogota. Came to Atlanta in 2007 and I have worked in different fields as Hospitality Industry, Real Estate, Advertising and now Work as an Inside Opportunity Manager for Microsoft Azure. I declare myself as a Techno/House lover for over 17 years.