Dusky Plays to a Packed House

Friday nights have a tendency to pack out a little less than their bigger sibling Saturday nights. As we stepped out of our Uber, my friend and I briefly discussed that this was our exact prediction. Leaving the car behind, and beginning our trek towards the back entrance of Jungle, my buddy told me not to expect anything too crazy this night, and that after coming off of some major festivals, that the energy may be lacking.

Waiting in line for the event were more people that I expected to see this early at an Expand event. As we entered, I could feel the energy emanating not only from the slightly invasive strobe light, but also from the large warehouse space ahead. We grabbed a quick drink and started to appreciate the grooving bass lines that Luis Valencia was presenting to the already excited and talkative crowd.

Dusky, from London, begin their set fairly early. Most headliners wait until at least 1 am, but not tonight. Perhaps this was because of the large crowd and its social energy. I even remarked to my friend that this was the most social night I have seen at Jungle.

With their laid-back approach to the decks, the duo began to rev up the energy of their set little by little. The crowd didn't seem to be paying too much attention during this slow build, instead continuing to converse with one another. The voices were so loud that I often confused them for the weird but wonderful background speech that’s sometimes found in this kind of music. I was secretly hoping that they would shift their attention more to Dusky, but this never really happened.

As I walked toward the back wall of the room, I got an overall better experience of the set. Robotic sounds were threaded throughout the tracks. In fact, there were a lot of effects in the upper frequencies that demanded my attention. Away from the noisy crowd, I felt the urge to dance the most. This is when I began to really enjoy what Dusky was bringing. If only the mass of people on the dance floor would have listened, I believe they too would have had this same experience. So much for it being a slow night!

James McDaniel

A man of many talents, James not only writes about music, he also composes, arranges, teaches, and plays. As an Atlanta area high school band director, he stays busy developing his program and writing and arranging for percussion at his place of work aw well as a number of other Atlanta area schools. He is also a gigging percussionist, playing live and doing studio work for InCrowd of Atlanta. Music is more than a passion for james. It is his lifestyle.