The Big Bang Block Party Review

I love space. I’ll admit that I don’t know a lot about it, but nothing gets my gears turning like a beginner’s guide to the skies. Luckily, I happen to be a more “right-side-of-the-brain” kinda gal, so I wasn’t too disappointed when I found out that the 2nd-ever Big Bang Block Party would be more of an arts and music festival than a NASA Q&A. To be honest, I would normally be half-asleep by now after hearing “arts and music festival”. There are only so many hand blown glass bowls and mushroom-swirled wall tapestries a girl can take time after time before they become mundane.

The OuterSpace project is a week-long celebration of the arts that focuses on “urban beautification” by enlisting local favorites, like Greg Mike and Dr. Dax, as well as out-of-town superstars like Matt Gondek, to paint good vibes all over Atlanta. I think it worked. 

The project is more than merely painting Atlanta. It culminates with the main event, the Big Bang Block Party, on Saturday at the always-fabulous Terminal West. I was a little apprehensive about going. It was Georgia hot, and I didn’t believe it would be possible to see anything more impressive than what I’d already seen around the city. After all, I could only expect so much from an arts and music festival, right? I was apprehensive, but thankfully, totally wrong. 

An outdoor stage was erected, surrounded by an impressive collection of artists, sweating and spray painting away. I particularly favored the Couch Party, Vert, and Matt Gondek's contributions.

All of the art made for an exquisite, near-literal backdrop for the stage, rocked by truly entertaining acts, including Brooklyn’s incredibly fierce Rubblebucket and The Motet.

The indoor/main stage held its own, featuring the audio/visual mashup, Secret Walls, as well as the highly-anticipated Modern Measure, and finally, Atlanta's own, HXV to close the show in the most savage of fashions.

It was an excellent event, and I am truly sorry if you didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy! The Block Party was only one night, but the OuterSpace project lives throughout the city. If you have the opportunity, download the mural map and experience the positive vibes, still pulsing through the city.