String Cheese: It's What's for Dinner

String Cheese Incident, a progressive bluegrass band from Colorado is celebrating their return to the studio and 20 years in the industry on their Road to Hulaween tour. To box SCI into one genre is as unnatural as Kraft Easy Cheese. This sophisticated band transcends genres like psychedelia, latin, funk, electronica, and rock. They're also known for their out-of-this-world lighting arrangements. 

I have been listening to String Cheese Incident for about 10 years. And was ecstatic over the opportunity to shoot for them! Once I got to Chastain in North Atlanta all the convenient parking lots were full. I made a dash from my vehicle to the box office where I joined the other photographers. There was a thunderous clap from the sky. We all sharply looked at each other and then down at our equipment. Following a simultaneous deep breath, we made our way to the pit. The band hadn’t begun playing yet and it wasn’t long before rain arrived on the scene. We watched as the guests fled for cover from the shower. A few brave free spirits lingered in their seats and took the dousing. The downpour didn’t last long and the band entered stage with the obligatory Hotlanta joke and proceeded to open with Close Your Eyes. The crowd was overjoyed. The venue wasn't sold out, probably because of all the holiday events happening. Chastain was at least two-thirds full though, I was surprised by the turnout. There was far more jam heads than I was expecting... 

Heavy dancing took place. Balloons, beach balls, grooves and smiles filled the air for the rest of the show. The lighting was phenomenal, as expected. Among my favorite visuals of the night was the enormous blue girl wearing sunglasses. Her choreography was fabulous.  In the second set, String Cheese Incident did a really fun rendition of The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil. During the encore, guest Tony Furtado played an upbeat banjo for a Restless Wind adieu. The crowd was so energetic and spirited. I was envious of all the cool kids who got to return the following evening for Night 2 of SCI on the Fourth of July! I imagine their finale night was equally, if not more sensational!

You can listen to the show at:

Photos By: Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

Grace has always been close to music. In her earliest years her mother took her on tour following the Grateful Dead. At 19 she was an organizer for an electronic music festival (Inca Tek) in Cusco, Peru. In 2015 Grace interned at SF Music Tech Summit in San Francisco. Since she’s remained an active member of the music event community wherever she is. Lately she’s been managing a small business based in Atlanta, Ga. 

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