Reverend Hylton Releases Somber Single "Bag of Broken Bones"

Main Image: Grace Kelly for Bullet Music

October’s Bullet Music Artist Spotlight artist, Reverend Hylton, has just released his newest single “Bag of Broken Bones” on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music. The somber, five-and-a-half-minute piece is Hylton’s second single of 2017, following the release of “Reba” in September.

Hylton told Bullet Music that when writing “Bag of Broken Bones,” he was challenged by those around his to write something happier than he had in the past. What Hylton penned instead was an emotional tune that is, as he describes it, “A love song realizing that you can’t always get what you want.”

Artwork by Miguel Olascuaga

Meandering lyricism and haunting slide guitar combine with verse-connecting howls, creating a surreal environment. This dream-like state creates the effect of looking at your most important memories through the wrong end of a telescope. As familiar and amazing as these things are, they seem so distant, unreal, and certain to disappear.

Hylton admits that this tune signifies that maybe he doesn’t “have that ability” to write happier songs, but also that he’s “okay with that.” If you think this new tune sounds a bit familiar already, though, then you’re right. Reverend Hylton performed “Bag of Broken Bones” live-in-studio as part of the Artist Spotlight Series. You can catch that interview and performance here.

Listen to “Bag of Broken Bones” on your favorite music app today!

Tayler Newman

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