Death Cab For Cutie Possessed The Hearts Of A Sold Out Coca-Cola Roxy

Death Cab for Cutie possessed the hearts of all who attended the sold-out show at The Coca-Cola Roxy October 19 on their Headlining Fall tour promoting their most recent album Thank You for Today. The venue was packed from front to back and top to bottom with fans of all ages. Children rode piggy back on their patents as they swayed in synchronicity with the rhythm, and older couples smiled while basking in the tangible love that floated around the room pouring out of every love sick couple who sang along arm in arm.

Death Cab for Cutie has been a favorite of many for years as they continue to put out widely praised albums time after time, and their new album is no different. The boys opened the show with “I Dreamt We Spoke Again” from Thank You for Today and followed it with a mix of favorites, notably, “Soul Meets Body,” “I Will Possess Your Heart” and ”I’ll Follow You Into the Dark” which had the whole venue singing along in unison. The energy was palpable.

The two-hour set list was filled with haunting melodies and emotional riffs. The entire evening was seamlessly smooth and creamy like an ice cream cone melting down your hand at the end of summer, engulfing your entirety in sinfully sweet melodies that served as nostalgia to long-time fans. Even for those who are new to Death Cab for Cutie, it was easy to sway along as the music created by the quintet struck a chord in most; one way or another Ben Gibbard wins the hearts of the masses every time.

Clearly Death Cab for Cutie has a strong following as was evident from all the band merch that adorned the crowd from various tours throughout the years. The band’s energy engulfed the crowd in a range of emotions from smiles to tears of joy and pain as the band’s discography has served as vice for many over the years. Rolling Stone Magazine said it best when they described the bands first album as “emotion through its lack of emotion.”

Death Cab has a very unique sound created by a seemingly predictable rhythm and a typically anti-climactic chorus that makes listening to them easy on the ears and heavily emotional when the tempo is picked up. This made for a trance-like performance that captivated the entire sold-out venue.

There are still a few chances to catch Death Cab for Cutie on tour this fall as they move west, and be sure to check out their new album Thank You for Today!

Photos by Elyssa Velez for Bullet Music

Samantha Hutton

Samantha is a student at Columbus State University where she studies creative writing. Her love of music runs deep.