Jeremy Avalon's New EP "Boom, Bap, Freaknik" Gives Life to Songs We All Know and Love

Atlanta native Jeremy Avalon has released his new EP, Boom, Bap, Freaknik, featuring four songs named after interstates I-20, I-75, I-80 and I-285 that intersect in Atlanta.

Avalon is a DJ, Producer, guitarist and part of the WERC Crew Collective based out of Atlanta. He was gifted acapella tracks from Atlanta DJ, DJ Jelly. Avalon put his own spin to classic songs by Kilo, Lil Jon and other rap artists.

This could be the soundtrack for those days when you just want to ride — no destination, nowhere to be, the beautiful Georgia sunset painting the sky with strokes of orange and purple, windows down with the wind blowing through your hair. Georgia rap has its own definitive flow and beats, and Jeremy remained true to that in each song, putting his southern roots on display. Jeremy Avalon has performed at Atlanta music festivals such as AfroPunk and One Music Fest.

When people think of Georgia, their mind automatically goes to Atlanta, not just because it’s the capitol of Georgia, but because it’s a melting pot of diversity and has given the world some of our favorite rappers. Avalon’s own beats over lyrics we already love make us forget that the song was not originally recorded with those beats. There aren’t many DJs out there who can take songs that people love so much and pump out something fresh and new, but Avalon showed us that you can take lyrics we all know and do them justice. Jeremy Avalon put his talent and ear for music on display, and I must say he did not disappoint.

Lara Daniel

Georgia native. Lover of Books. Music Buff. Potterhead