Thrice Shows Off Their New Sound at Buckhead Theatre

Thrice played the last show of their farewell tour in June of 2012. Then, like any thoughtful band would do, they got back together and started recording and touring again. After their hiatus, 2018 might be the band’s busiest year since they reformed. They released their most recent album, Palms, in September and have been touring around it all year.

September 29 saw the band stop in Atlanta for a show at the Buckhead Theatre. The set started with the pulsating notes from “Only Us,” the first track from Palms. From the beginning of the show, you could tell that they have the musical chops to recreate their tight, precise studio sound in a live setting.

After opening with a song from the new album, Thrice dove straight into their older stuff. They played songs from Vheissu like “Image of the Invisible”, the title track from The Artist in the Ambulance and “Hurricane” from To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere. The night’s set-list was a great balance of newer material and old material.

It has been interesting to watch Thrice’s development from their inception. Their early music was fast and hard, echoing adolescent rebellion and discontent, but over the years their sound and their live show have grown and matured with their age and the age of their audience. The set-list even had tempo and timing notes beside the songs to keep a specific pace. In the past, their shows were no-frills rock and roll. Now, each show incorporates a serious light show, using LEDs and strobe lights, which are a powerful and meaningful part of the experience.

The encore was the kind fans love. It had no new songs, just two old favorites, and it was fast, just like a rock and roll encore should be.

Matt Wallin

Matt is a writer and photographer based out of the Atlanta area. He's seen more than a thousand bands, and he'd love to tell you about it.