5 Reasons Why Drake is the Best Artist of 2018

Yeah, I said it. Fight me. Drake is without a doubt the best artist out of any genre in 2018. I would say last year, too, but who has time to argue about the past?

From the moment the Aubrey and the Three Amigos Tour was announced, I knew I had to be there. The last time I had a chance to catch Drake was during his headlining set at Music Midtown in 2016, so the wait for this tour felt endless.

As excited as I was about seeing Drake at the newly renovated State Farm Arena (formally known as Philips Arena), Migos are also a must see act who have been playing nonstop on the radio, and secretly, I was excited for a potential Cardi B appearance (don’t get excited it didn’t happen). In all honesty, I wasn’t really impressed with Migos because almost everything was auto-tuned and they just kind of walked around the stage. But their suits looked like they were about to jump out of an airplane, which was pretty tight, and they definitely killed it during the “Walk it Like I Talk It” performance.

And now, as promised, below are the 5 reasons why Drake is the best artist of 2018.

1. Drake can rap about relevant ideas, feelings and emotions which hit deep but are also still fun. Additionally, not only can he rap, but he can sing too, and that makes our hearts melt. My personal favorite, ‘You know a wise man once said nothin' at all’ - “Emotionless.”

2. When he was caught up in beef with Pusha T, not only did he accept the secret about his son had been revealed (which was none of y’all’s nosey-ass business anyways), but he literally dropped an entire album, Scorpion, as a rebuttal which broke almost every streaming record.

3. Drake is bae, plain and simple, and I’m a married woman. His dances are the cutest thing on this planet, and you better believe I lost my shit when he came out on stage. My husband looked at me and said, “Are you crying?” Look the other way babe — it’s Drake time.

4. Despite claims of racism and blackface (which is fucking terrible and something no one should EVER do), he has risen above these allegations and come out on top making an example of himself for black people who are accused of “acting white,” as if only white people are able to act educated.

Dear White People (yes, they are my people) - Stop telling black people they “act white”, like yesterday.

5. “God’s Plan” is one of the most incredibly touching music videos and moments in music history. If you didn’t almost cry after watching that you might be related to Satan, just saying. People who have everything to give and show up for their community are forever winners in my eyes.

Photos by Marina Delaine-Siegel for Bullet Music

Liz Peña

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