[Interview] The Pack A.D. - It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right

Becky Black. Photo Credit: http://www.thepackad.com

The Pack A.D. is a self-described “Anti-Genre” two-piece from Vancouver, BC. Guitarist/vocalist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller have been on this ride for over a decade. Their catalog includes seven full-length albums and two EPs. Their next release will be a live recording, a first for them. Keep an eye out for it here

The Pack A.D. played Smith’s Olde Bar back in October for their Woke Up Weird Tour. The small ground level room provided an intimate setting for the show. A simple black backdrop with metallic stars hung behind the stage. Color changing LED lights lined Miller’s kick drum and black’s amps. No barrier separated the stage from the crowd. The mid-sized crowd swayed like beachgoers in ’60s surf films. 

Maya Miller. Photo Credit: http://www.thepackad.com

Maya Miller. Photo Credit: http://www.thepackad.com

The Pack A.D. are a rare breed. They are the epitome of unpretentious. Instead of relying on flash or over-production, they offer gritty lo-fi substance. They give you great music to swing your hips to. If ever there were a riot-girl biker bar deep in the heart of the bayou, the Pack A.D. should be the house band. They’d provide the perfect score for a smash the patriarchy revolution complete with broken beer bottles. 

Their latest release, “Dollhouse” (2017) is a journey defying classification into a singular genre. “Woke Up Weird,” contains electopop elements. “Because Of You,” is a hauntingly distorted ballad. “Does It Feel Good,” dances between ’80s new wave and ’90s grunge and beyond. 

We had the opportunity to talk to Becky Black. Listen to it here

They’ve recently remastered their 2007 release Tintype on Vinyl. Click here to add it to your collection. 

The Woke Up Weird tour will continue through Europe next. Click here for dates. 

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