[Interview] The Him Talk Recently Signing with Spinnin Records and Prepping for Tour

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The life of a DJ isn't easy, but Amesterdam EDM duo The Him make it work. Late spring/early summer usually marks the start of festival season, as thousands upon thousands of people descend upon festival grounds for days worth of music, good vibes and unrestricted fun. Bullet Music had the chance to chat with The Him before their set at Shaky Beats. From recently signing with Spinnin Records, releasing new music and prepping for their performance at Lollapalooza, the duo is constantly on the go. Check out our interview below.  

Congratulations on recently signing to Spinnin Records, how long was that in the works for and how has it changed your outlook on the trajectory of your careers?

Thank you so much! We decided to release everything by ourselves for the first 2 years of our career. We started talking with Spinnin after we did the collab with Jay Hardway and it really clicked so we thought this was the right step to take. We love the team and our first single will be dropping the 25th of May.

Your new collaboration, Jigsaw with Jay Hardway dropped late last month, can you share with us how that collaboration came about? 

We've known Jay for a few years now. We used to have a monthly dinner with the so-called Beer & Chicken group with a lot of the Dutch Spinnin guys. At that time we were the only artists not signed to Spinnin in that group haha. We talked on a regular bases with Jay about getting in the studio. Then in December, we both had a bit of time so we finally made it happen!

Festival Season is starting to get into full swing! What do you guys do to prepare for the season?

For us, it all starts with the music! So we've been hitting the studio hard in between touring and got loads of new things on the burner so hopefully,y we can release a lot of new tracks this year

The gym is also part of our weekly schedule. We love all the good food places when we are on tour so we gotta balance that a bit!  So if you ask are we ready? HELL YEA!!!!!

You guys are set to be touring across Europe this summer, what songs are you guys most looking forward to performing and which festival(s) are you all looking forward to the most?

We'll be playing tons of new music including some unreleased tracks so we can't wait for that. Probably our remix of Avicii that just came out two weeks before the tragic news will have a very special place in our set all of this summer. We're looking forward to all the festivals, to be honest. Two special ones to mention would be Lollapalooza in Chicago and Sziget!

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done so far while you guys were playing a show?

One time during a show a fan brought us a box with chicken wings. As everyone knows we love FOOD!

What other artists do you want to see perform during Shaky Beats? 

Its a really cool lineup! As we're in for the Saturday we'll probably check out Zedd and our buddy San Holo for sure!

After summer and touring are over, what can fans expect next from The Him? 

We're gonna be working our butts off in the studio so we can keep bringing you the best new music. We're working on our first line of merch so hopefully, that will be up by then too!

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