Post Malone's Production Sends Cellairis Amphitheatre into Outer Space

All photos courtesy of Terence Rushin

Cellairis Amphitheatre has been open since 1989 and since then, the name of the venue has changed eight times ranging from Coca-Cola, HiFi Buys, Aaron's, and now Cellairis. The venue has a substantial amount of personal history for me since I started attending concerts there starting in September of 2000 for Britney Spears. I've been going to shows there longer than most of the kids who attended Post Malone have been alive. Almost longer than Post Malone himself has been alive. The crowd was a younger high school crowd and it made me think of the days I used to drink Mr. Boston's out of the bottle before heading in to see Snoop Dogg and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Warped Tour or 311. 

Now, at the tender age of 32, I was able to bring my husband to the venue for the very first time. That's right, y'all read that right. It was his first time EVER going to Coca-Cola/HiFi Buys/Aaron's/Cellairis Lakewood Amphitheatre. We're both huge hip-hop fans, but in all honesty, we had pretty low expectations for the show. After the entire stadium was shown a preview for Get Out 221 Savage casually walked on stage while his hype man pumped up the crowd and reminded everyone Atlanta is his hometown. I would go as far to say that 21 Savage was probably one of the laziest performers I've ever seen. He legit doesn't give a fuck. The crowd wasn't too impressed either, but everyone started getting lit when he played "Bank Account" at the end of his set. My husband and I looked at each other and both were wondering if the rest of the night was going to be as lackluster. 

WATCH: Post Malone x 21 Savage - Snapchat Story

After a pretty lengthy intermission comprised of two bathroom breaks and a drink run (props to Cellairis for ditching plastic straws for paper), Post Malone made his way to the stage. Production was lit, y'all! From start to finish the stage had this horizontal 3-D block in the middle with lights blowing up the sides. You pretty much felt like you were in a spaceship the entire time. He opened up his set with "Too Young" off of the album Stoney. I'm not 100% sure the event was sold-out, but the venue was filled from front to back with fans screaming, "Posty, Posty, Posty!" Each time he finished a track he would tell us, "Thank you so fucking much" and I could tell he meant it. Homeboy seems mad humble.

I looked up his birthday and he's a Cancer born on July 4, 1995 (only 22-years-old!). Cancers are water signs, super sensitive, hella creative, and emotional as fack. My kind of dude. What I didn't know about Posty from listening to his music on the radio, is he can sing and play the guitar. During this part of his performance, I was entranced with his voice and had all kinds of chills. He lit up a joint and hit it, then stuck it in his guitar strings when he started to strum and sing "Feeling Whitney." Then toward the end of the song, he picked up the still lit joint hit (talent, bruh) and asked we all join in to sing, "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh." Earlier in the night, my husband told me he felt like there were Bonnaroo vibes in the building, but I wasn't convinced at that point. Not until the acoustic guitars and sing-a-longs started. We continued the night with "Stay," another acoustic track off of beerbongs & bentleys. For a moment, I forgot I was five minutes from home and not back on the farm. 

At one point, 21 Savage came back on stage for "Rockstar" and the show ended a couple songs later with the popular radio hit "Congratulations." The reason people say not to "judge a book by its cover" is for people like Post Malone. With "Always Tired," tatted under his eyes, he looks like the guy you absolutely don't want your daughter to date. However, if you watch his show and get to know him, at the end of the day you'd be proud of her. Post Malone is dedicated to his passion, to his art, to entertaining his peers and he's selling out shows all over the nation. I walked out of there feeling like it may have been the best performance I've seen at Coca-Cola/HiFi Buys/Aaron's/Cellairis Lakewood Amphitheatre, definitely the best I have seen all year and a reminder never to miss a Sunday show. 

Post Malone will return to Atlanta in September for Music Midtown. Purchase tickets here

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