[Spotify Playlist] Rewind with Emo Nite

Your teenage years, they were the best of times, they were the worst of times. There is nothing better than rediscovering a song you haven't heard since your first break up. This emotionally charged playlist will take you back to the days when your biggest worry was, "Does this fitted band tee make me look scene?" Scream along to your favorite adolescent anthems by Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and Motion City Soundtrack on our Unofficial Emo Nite playlist.

Don't completely exhaust your vocals though, you will want to save some energy for Emo Nite this Thursday at the Masquerade.

Robyn Johnson

Robyn is a child at heart. She loves to laugh, wedding plan, and spend time with her fiancé and kitty. Her one constant in life has always been music. Her day is not complete without a healthy dose of Spotify, Pinterest and chocolate.