The APX's New Single "Jupiter" Proves Disco Isn't Dead

The APX released their new single "Jupiter," a groovy tune about making love. The APX is the funkiest husband and wife duo this side of the Mississippi, who use a keytar and synthesizers to give their songs a psychedelic Parliament Funkadelic feel. Erika Rhodes, who possesses a soulful Donna Summer voice makes you want to lace up your platform shoes, find the nearest disco and boogie the night away. The lyrics drip with sexiness, and the otherworldly sounds of Dee Rhodes have you looking over your shoulder to see if Han Solo and Princess Leia are being chased by Storm Troopers.

It has been said that disco is dead; however, Millennials and Generation Z needed a genre that wasn’t steeped in politics or other serious issues. "Jupiter’s" lyrics take the power of ‘70’s disco and brings it to my generation so we can get out on the dance floor to the strobing lights and pretend for just one moment that we are the generation of excess. "Jupiter" takes listeners back to a time of Studio 54, cocaine on mirrors, gold chains glittering on hairy chests, explosions of sequins on satin and sex without worry.

From the first sounds of synthesized ray guns to the opening hedonistic lyrics, "As soon as I walk in the room / Want you to do me 'til I can’t get up," you can definitely feel the funk that makes you want to get down with that brick house. When Erika Rhodes lustfully growls, "Just want your solar gravitation," you can feel sex oozing out of the speakers.

This Atlanta duo is bringing disco back to a new generation. A Generation that has been craving something other than the same music that we’ve heard since the ‘90’s. "Jupiter" is pure DYN-O-MITE.

Lara Daniel

Georgia native. Lover of Books. Music Buff. Potterhead