[Music Video] Warlok & John Austin's "Pimpin & Flossin" is a Sizzling Summer Staple

Warlok is a rapper from Miami who just released his new song “ Pimpin & Flossin” featuring John Austin from his new EP, The Greatful Dead. The song has a hypnotic, sexy Bollywood beat that fits perfectly with the rappers smooth flow and Spanish purr. Exuding confidence, this is exactly the song you would want to listen to while getting ready for a night of dancing and drinks with your friends.

Warlok and John Austin give rap fans something with a Miami flair and a hint of the rappers who help pave the way for the Hip Hop community. Warlok spits bars with the speed of Busta Rhymes and with flawless fluidity. As soon and the hypnotizing beat kicks in you suddenly have the urge to roll your hips only the way Shakira can.

This infectious song will have you walking around all day singing the chorus, swaying to the beat and turning up the bass in your car. Warlok is coming onto the scene to leave a mark and a hook that you won’t soon forget.

Lara Daniel

Georgia native. Lover of Books. Music Buff. Potterhead