Seasons Offer up a Timely "Reminder" on Their Debut Single

Seasons is an Atlanta-based duo who have just released their new EP Sunsets, which features their first single “Reminder.” The band, made up of Caleb Hicks and Brenden Adams, started out by writing and producing songs for other musicians before realizing their own explosive chemistry. With this realization, the pair decided to focus thereafter on recording songs by themselves and for themselves.

The single is for those of us, perhaps many of us, who have had moments in which we were unsure if we were going to make it out of the other side of life’s storms in one piece. On this sonic occasion, following these doubts, the clouds suddenly break and the sun shines through, sparking a sensation of wholeness akin to rebirth.

Featuring awe-inspiring lyrics like “I ain’t got time for your pessimism so keep your petty opinion to yourself / Everyone dances to a different rhythm / what works for you might not work for someone else" the single plays directly into our modern anxieties. In today’s age, we all get so caught up in lives not our own that we often threaten our own inner peace by worrying instead about the opinions of others. As such, it’s refreshing to hear an artist telling listeners to be kind to one another, especially during a time in which it can often seem that humanity has lost its capacity for kindness.

Like many other potential listeners, I have walked the pot-holed streets of life, and have frequently tried to find the beauty in the blemishes - sometimes falling short. If you are ever having one of those days during which there doesn’t seem to be a silver lining, and you need to hear something which may put some pep in your step, “Reminder” is one of those songs that may do exactly that. Its title is fitting; it gives reminders of how far a person can come, considering what it took to get them there and how much they can grown as a person.

In my opinion, we need more songs out there like this. We need songs that make a listener feel uplifted, songs that fill them with happiness at all of life's possibilities. Perhaps most importantly, we need songs that remind them to be kind to everyone they meet. “We all just need to be a little kinder" according to Seasons; this writer couldn’t agree more.

Lara Daniel

Georgia native. Lover of Books. Music Buff. Potterhead