Joyeur Brings Girl Power Back With Their New Song "Fast As You Can"

Joyeur (pronounced joi-yûr) is an L.A based duo that is breathing life back into girl power with a techno/funkadelic feel. The duo consists of producer Anna "Annalog" Feller and singer-songwriter Joelle "J-Bird" Corey. The two met during a blind writing session and found that their separate talents merged flawlessly.

Their new single “Fast As You Can” is the best stalker song since Blondie’s “One Way or Another.” When the word "stalking" is used, most women think of some creepy guy lurking in the shadows, but Joyeur levels the playing field in the world of obsession. Stalking was once driving by your obsession’s house late at night, calling their home phone and hanging up, or hoping to catch him/her around town. Today, we have social media at our fingertips and are able to watch anyone from afar.

We’ve all had those infatuations with someone where we would do anything to have those feelings returned. Lyrics like “I’m like a dog for your scent / For your stare / I’d know those kinks anywhere,” reach deep inside of you and pull out the old feelings of your first unrequited love and the infatuation that seeped into your veins infecting your thoughts and dreams.

As soon as the reggae/techno beat blasts from the speakers, you lose control as every part of the body instantly responds, grooving to the music. Hearing female artists like Joyeur is refreshing, quenching a feminist thirst in my heart and putting me in a state of awe at how many glass ceilings women have had to shatter in the music industry. This explosive duo breaks the stereotypes of how women should be “women,” proving that they don’t have to fit under societies strict structures. Fast as you can as you can, fast as you can ladies, get those fingers stalking.

Lara Daniel

Georgia native. Lover of Books. Music Buff. Potterhead