Michael Buble crooned the night away at the Infinte Energy Center

I’ll be the first to admit that I only knew a handful of Michael Buble songs before I had the opportunity to see him at The Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, Ga on February 16, 2019, and now I have to confess that he has gained another lifelong fan. Michael Buble is single-handedly keeping a genre of music alive that many thought died with Ole Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra (apologies to Tony Bennet).

The Buble show opened with his cover of “Feeling Good.” He definitely looked like the dapper crooner in his black tux. He entered the stage by descending a flight of stairs that looked as if they had been coated with ice. The stage, with its accompanying orchestra, looked like it had been transported straight from the 1950’s.  The gigantic red moon projected above Buble’s head bathed him in soft red light giving the illusion that we were all about to embark on a moonlight walk alongside him. His voice, mellow and smooth as a Malt Shoppe milkshake, made the hair on my arms stand up. When the first song was over he talked with the audience for a while, even poking fun of the Superbowl halftime show,” I swear to God as an entertainer there is so much relief in my heart, that I knew I could come out here and know that after that Superbowl I could be average and beat the hell out of that shit show.” I’ve been to many concerts but never have I witnessed an artist who was as side-splitting funny and so personable with his fans. He actually made it feel like we were all just hanging out with a friend.

When the intro to the second song, “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” started playing the crowd  took to their feet, signing along with him so loudly that they drowned out Michael Buble’s voice. There’s always a moment during a show when I pause to take it all in, and as I looked at the faces of the audience as they sang along, all I could see was pure joy and contentment radiating off hundreds of faces. People from all backgrounds were singing, and at that moment I once again realized how powerful music is and how we are all together in this thing called life (this apology goes to Prince).  When the song was over a little boy walked up to the stage with a sign that read it was his first show. Michael graciously walked over to the little boy, sat down on the edge of the stage, and talked with him and signed his poster. Something I’m sure that little boy will cherish for the rest of his life.

At one point during the show Buble started talking about how everyone had that one song they sing in the shower for THE concert inside your head and he asked audience members what their shower song was. When a fan told him it was The Rat pack song “Fly Me to the Moon,” Michael handed the guy the mic and gave him his moment. When that guy opened his mouth, everyone’s jaw, including Buble’s, dropped. The fan sang beautifully and his voice floored everyone in the room. Buble just sat back and gave that fan his moment. Mr. Buble knows how to engage a crowd so well it makes you wonder if he took some pointers from Freddie Mercury. Each song Buble sang took me back in time to before my time, and made me forget for a moment the year was 2019 and not the good part of the 1950s that I’ve heard my grandmother talk about so many times. In between songs as he paused to speak to the crowd, he talked about being kind to one another and how important that was for this day and age.

I went to this show not knowing what to expect and I left with a whole new respect for Michael Buble. I always knew the man could belt the hell out a song, but I had no idea he was so engaging with the crowd or that he could be so enchanting and funny. Michael Buble is an all-around entertainer who puts on a magnificent show and connects with his fans on a personal level in a way like I’ve never witnessed. This is one show that I’m glad I had the opportunity to experience and one I won’t soon forget, if ever.

Lara Daniel

Georgia native. Lover of Books. Music Buff. Potterhead