[Artist Spotlight] The Muckers Sing Songs of Sea Shanties and Pub Life

Photos by Sarah Htun for Bullet Music

The Muckers “spilled the tea” about being Atlanta’s favorite Irish Rock band during an interview with the Bullet Music team as we gear up for our second Artist Spotlight Showcase of 2019. Front-man Jeff Shaw talked about what it's like to be a niche band in high demand throughout the South. He emphasized the mass volume of venues expressing interest in booking them around St. Patrick’s Day. Needless to say, Atlanta’s Best Irish Rock band stays booked a year in advance for those dates. The Muckers aren’t your stereotypical Irish Rock cover band, no, they are so much more.

The Muckers are a five-piece-group of punk rockers with folk instruments as their weapon of choice. They blend classic Irish rock with a mix of country, folk, and whatever else tickles their fancy at the moment. With a mandolin, a fiddle, and an accordion, they can play any arrangement. Whether it is folk, rock, or punk, it’s going to have a lively rough around the edges vibe reminiscent of sea shanties and pub life. The Muckers, which, as dirty as it sounds, actually means “pals” or friends (not to be mucked about with another meaning) and this now well-established group of pals has a fun, clean sound but they aren’t afraid to get down and dirty.

During our discussion, Jeff talked about his Boston roots and growing up around the Irish Rock influences that led him down his path along with the luck he experienced in building a band via a craigslist add. With luck and a bit of chance, guitarist Brady Trulove was the first to jump aboard.

Brady shared his story about attending a festival in Jacksonville Florida and hanging out with Matt Hensley from Flogging Molly. Matt brought up the fact that there aren’t enough accordion players in the world anymore and kindly suggested that Brady should learn to play. After the suggestion and a foot injury, Brady caught himself searching Craigslist for an accordion. He didn’t find one, but he found Jeff’s add for musicians wanted for an Irish Rock band, being a fan of the genre, he replied. The rest is history.

With Jeff and Brady aboard, the rest were sure to fall in line. Though the band cycled through a few drummers and an accordion player, for the past two years the band has finally settled in with additional members bass player Randall English, drummer Steve Lingo, and accordion player Dave Long . The chemistry between the five-piece-group is seamless and they are writing together better than ever. The Muckers are a jolly good time, undoubtedly fan favorites, and always a crowd pleaser. You can check out the audio interview by following this link.

Listen to the full interview with The Muckers on Bullet Music’s YouTube.

Watch The Muckers + Cardiac Half & Soda Jerks perform at the Bullet Music’s Artist Spotlight Showcase at Smith’s Olde Bar TONIGHT, April 24th.

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