Zoey Zuko: Synthesizing Atlanta's Music Scene Through Hip-Hop

Atlanta’s own Zoey Zuko is changing the game in the underground music scene. He, along with Jux Leroy have been working tirelessly to modernize the hip-hop scene by developing a unique and refined sound. Together, they have mastered the art and complexity of melding together genres by utilizing the complex and diverse music scene that Atlanta, Georgia provides.

From classical to country and from R&B to hip hop, Atlanta is a melting pot of musical creativity. By featuring samples of classical guitar and an array of underground Atlanta artists, Zoey Zuko is easily paving a path for himself as he continues to break out of the proverbial box and march to his own creative rhythm. By creating a unique and personalized sound he has allowed himself to bridge the gap between diverse artists and genres.

We sat down with Zoey to talk about his growth as an artist and what inspiration fuels his passion for his craft.

It is obvious that Zoey is a creative by looking at him. He’s got a unique edge about his appearance that allows him to stand in his own creative space as he thrives on his own individuality.

When asked where he drew his creative inspiration from, he was quick to bring up influences such as Queen and Michael Jackson. Its hard not to be inspired with legends such as these, but to incorporate these legendary styles into hip hop highlights the funky and fresh artist that is Zoey Zuko.

Not only is Zoey a musical artist, but hes a visual artist as well. With each Music video release, his songs are brought to life and used as emotional embellishments to his music. Each part of Zoeys craft is carefully executed with time and patience to insure that the proper level of craftsmanship has been put into everything that he releases.

Zoey’s debut album is still in the works, though a few single have been released on YouTube. When asked about his inspiration and creative direction he told us that his dedication to music began at a young age. While navigating the crossover between adolescence and young adulthood, Zoey turned to his writing.

With a past loaded with good, bad, and ugly relationships, Zoey felt inspired to write an album that tells the story of love and loss. The album details moments of vulnerability and desire juxtaposed with heartbreak and distaste for those once cherished.

Throughout the Album, Zoey is haunted by an “evil demon lady” he calls Sheila. Sheila is a representation of past girlfriends and the repetitive relationship sabotaging qualities that present themselves in each new partnership. Sheila moves through the album and is noted by an echoing woman’s voice that appears throughout several songs.

The album, Sheila, is designed to take the listener on a ride through the nature of partnership that begins with nothing other than Love.

As the album progresses Zoey begins to question the difference between love and lust which results in his own self acceptance and self-reflection. Zoey described this album as growth. Sweat and tears were the catalyst into the creativity and emotional growth that took place during the production of this album.

The dedication and the creativity that each and every person involved has put into the album is not overlooked.

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Album Release Date TBA.

Music Video for DAMN JAMES out now!

Photos by: Sarah Htun for Bullet Music.

Samantha Hutton

Samantha is a student at Columbus State University where she studies creative writing. Her love of music runs deep.