[Artist Spotlight] Force of Habit Welcomes New Lead Singer Ahead of the Bullet Music "Sweaty Summer" Showcase

We are here to celebrate Force of Habit, one of Atlanta’s favorite metal bands for the Bullet Music Artist Spotlight Series! This four-person band has been rocking in the Atlanta scene since 1997 and recently welcomed a brand new lead singer Tamilee (vocals) to join "Camo" ( guitar/backing vocals), Wayne Johnson (bass guitars, and backing vocals) and Dave Bowerstock (drums). Listen to the full interview with Mahad Mousse and Force of Habit on Bullet Music’s YouTube and check out the photo series by Sarah Htun.

Watch Force of Habit along with The Keepsake and one other TBA band at Bullet Music’s Artist Spotlight Sweaty Summer Showcase on July 24th at The Bakery.


Photographer - Sarah Htun

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