Somewhere Over the Rainbow Artist PRIDE Shoot (With Netflix’s Queer Eye Heroes & Special Guests)

By: Marina Delaine-Siegel

Somewhere over the rainbow, was not way up high but right here in Midtown, Atlanta. This week in celebration of World Pride the celebration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Plus (LGBTQ+) people, joined together some of Georgia’s own Musicals Artists, Netflix’s Queereye Heroes, and awesome entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals, to continue the education, awareness, and love that historically was displayed during the Stonewall March 50 years ago this year. These fabulous seven don’t just live this month in pride, but are proud to be apart of the amazing city of Atlanta not only know for our great music but as a large hub for the LGBTQ+ community. Their hope is that although Atlanta’s main celebration and festivities for Pride isn’t until October they can encourage the celebration with the world today and everywhere to promote equality and love.

Participants Bios


Skyler Jay (Netflix’s Queereye Hero) – An LGBTQ+ advocate for those not only in Georgia but nationally. By sharing his personal journey as a transgender man in the south, on Netflix’s Queereye he has used his platform to lead the cause for equality for transgender people. Skyler recently received the 2019 Community Leader Award from the National Trans Advocacy Awards and still continues to help spread awareness and education everywhere. Follow him on Instagram.

Myles Hicks (Netflix’s Queereye Hero) – A gay, black, southern young man from West Georgia. Recently he and his mother Tammye were featured on season 2 premiere of Netflix’s Queereye, where the world got a little insight on the power of love between a mother and a gay child. Since the show, Myles has been continuously working on giving Queer Christians a platform of education and acceptance. Follow him on Instagram.

Chelsea Shag (Atlanta Pride Musical Artist) - A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community here in Atlanta, especially as a musician and artist. Canadian-born and Atlanta-claimed, Chelsea Shag holds many titles in her musical journey, constantly evolving and creating. Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Chelsea recently played at Atlanta Pride twice and loves spreading awareness for humankind through her art and love for music. Follow her on Instagram.

The Ain’t Sisters (Atlanta Indie Rock Band) - Arrie Bozeman and Barb Carbon are the queer duo that front the Atlanta based band The Ain't Sisters. These powerfully raw dynamos of Indie Rock deliver a fresh sound that is dynamic, intelligent, and fun with zero regards for your boundaries and boxes. Blazing a path for authenticity and self-expression, the Ain’t Sisters are unapologetically themselves and encourage others to follow suit by way of their brutally honest lyrics and more directly via their involvement in music education and LGBTQ+ advocacy. Follow them on Instagram.

Other participants

Maunglwin (Mo) Aung (Healthcare Professional) – A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community who aids humankind as a healthcare professional in the Metro Atlanta Area. Mo, is a Burmese Indian who loves spreading awareness and education while utilizing his professional medical skills as a nurse to aid those in the community. 

Kevin Garcia (pastor and intuitive life coach) -  A proud member of the Queer community creating space for LGBTQ folks to thrive through rediscovering their infinite connection to love. A successful Digital Pastor, content creator, intuitive life coach and co-creator of Queerly Beloved Apparel Co., a line representing and giving voice to queer people of faith.

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