[Artist Spotlight} Anything Goes with Chains of Kronos

The third and final band for the Artist Spotlight Sweaty Summer Series is here and without further ado, we bring to you Chains of Kronos!


Q: What is the name of your band?

COK: Chains of Kronos

Q: What is the origin of your band's name?

COK: It comes from the Greek mythology of the Titan, Kronos. We amount the “classic struggle” of life, pain, addiction, growth, vice to the Chains that bound Kronos. Ultimately he breaks himself to break free from those chains. We are the chains.

Q: Have you changed the name of your band in the past?

COK: Negative.

Q: Please list the name, age, and respective instruments of each band member.

COK: Andrew is 26, Ricky is 28, Adam is 35 (going on 17), and Ace is 24

Q: What genre of music do you consider your work to be?

COK: Progressive super-sexy-hyper-heavy-groove core which is also known as, “Djazz” (a fusion of “Djent” and jazz).

Q: Who are your major influences?

COK:We all have a very eclectic taste in music. Bands like Tool, Soundgarden, Animals as Leaders, Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, Lamb of God, Meshuggah, Candiria, Pat Methany, Bela Fleck, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Dysrhythmia and most of all…Milli f*ing Vanilli.

Q: How long have you all known each other?

COK: We’ve collectively known each other for about four years but Andrew and Adam have known each other for about six years through a wide mix of Atlanta scenes.

Q: How did you meet?

COK: Andrew introduced Adam (also the lead singer for the band, ThroatpuncH, [presently known as, ThrōtpuncH]) to the rest of the group after approaching him to audition for Chains of Kronos. Ace, Ricky and Andrew originally met at a Jonas Brothers concert in 2006.

Q: When was the band formed?

COK: We formed the band in 2015 and had a few other singers before Adam joined and solidified our lineup. Adam stuck and has been with us since 2017.

Q: What inspired you to make music together?

COK: I (Adam) really liked the innovative and exploratory sound of the band. I’d known Andrew for a couple years through various channels, but we’d never played music together until he approached me about it at a show. He sent me the tracks, and I was all about it from the jump. We (Andrew and Ricky) wanted to start playing together mainly so we could hang out without shirts and it not be TOO weird, but also to get chicks and melt faces. I (Ace) just wanted to play some really challenging and interesting music, honestly. I’d known Andrew and RICKY for a while and liked their sound so here I am.

Q: Do you have a label or plan to sign to one?

COK: We aren’t currently on a label and it hasn’t been our sole motivation within the creation of our music but we would certainly be open to the idea if the deal was tasty enough.

Q: Are you a member of any music organization?

COK: No, not really. We all play in multiple other bands, but as far as organizations are concerned and only Adam is registered with BMI.

Q: What can you tell me about your instruments? Are you loyal to a specific brand/manufacturer? What made you choose the instrument you play now? what drew you to it? cost? style? brand?

COK: Ricky plays PORK PIE drums. They are a locally based, boutique manufacturer and he would love an endorsement! Hint, hint. Andrew and Ace both play Kiesel guitars through Line 6 heads with VST cabs. Andrew also uses a Helix processor board.

Q: Where have you performed? Do you have a favorite venue? A least favorite venue? Do you have a go-to set-list?

COK: Our go-to set list is a five-song EP entitled, GAIA. It is our first release and other than occasionally playing new songs and ideas that we’ve come up with but not recorded, we like to perform Gaia from start to finish. It’s kind of our “Opus.” We have played all over Atlanta and Adam has toured all over the country. We’d have to say our favorite venue was hell at the old Masquerade off North Avenue. We were really sad to see it go.

Q: Who writes your songs, lyrics and music?

COK: Well we (Andrew and Ricky) compose structure and write all of the instrumentals and Adam writes the lyrics and composes his vocal cadences and melodies. Everyone has a say in everything. However, it’s a group effort all in all. The beginning product is often very different than the finished.

Q: Is there a theme in your lyrics or lyrical inspiration? Do you think these topics will change over time or does it help to define you as a band?

COK: I (Adam) definitely have a theme and inspiration to my lyrics but I write them in such a manner that they can be interpreted by the listener and applied to their life in their own individual way. For me personally, redirected introspection is my main source of inspiration for my lyrical content. I find that the relevancy of my lyrics often becomes most prominent after I write them down, which is weird but it happens. I think that the meaning can definitely change and evolve over time and through experience.

Q: Briefly describe your music making process.

COK: It’s honestly very cathartic. It’s also very untraditional. On our first record, 99% of the music including vocals was written separate from one another via Dropbox. It wasn’t like we got in a room and jammed together and that album just happened, rather Andrew Ricky and Ace had already solidified and come up with the songs prior to Adam joining the band. Adam came in and liked it so much that despite a few minor alterations the instrumentals stayed pretty much the same and Adam wrote vocals and lyrics over the pre-existing tracks. As we come up with ideas, we usually send them to one another and we play around with them on our own time and then when we get together we riff and jam on them.

Q: What are your rehearsals generally like? You seem to be very busy individuals which makes me question your commitment to your music. When and how often do you rehearse and what are your goals for your musical career?

COK: We are indeed extremely busy individuals, however, our passion for creative expression through our music keeps us on the up and up. Even though we don’t have as much time to spend making music and playing together as we would like due to our insanely busy schedules, we still manage to practice at least once a week and we work on music pretty much 24-7 as far as ideas are concerned and those are always being dumped into Dropbox. We would absolutely love to be able to live our current lifestyles and have that be fully supported by creating music. We have no intention of ever stopping regardless and will continue to make music until we die or become vegetables.

Q: How has your music evolved since you first began playing together?

COK: Well, we as a band have definitely become much tighter and cohesive as far as our writing process and our chemistry is concerned, but the addition of Adam definitely changed our sound significantly and tied it all together. Just as he appears, he’s like some kind of missing link.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

COK: Our biggest challenge as a band has been pushing through personal issues, struggles, extreme schedules in order to make our rehearsals and writing happen. We make it work!

Q: What is the ultimate direction of your band? What are your plans as musicians?

COK: Our plans as musicians are to continue to be musicians despite any outside factors. Ricky would love to be a session musician, Andrew loves to perform, Adam loves to perform and to write and record, and Ace loves to shred. The more we ride and the longer we are together the more complex and interesting our music is becoming. We are really trying to push ourselves and challenge ourselves to play music that we’ve never heard before and tap into something new. We want to do something different and push the envelope every single time.

Q: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or demos? are you on streaming sites?

COK: Currently our Fanbase can only access our music for streaming. Our streams are available via SoundCloud we will be releasing physical copies as well as downloadable digital versions soon in addition to merchandise.

Q: Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional support?

COK: We wish we could acknowledge someone for financial support! As far as emotional support goes, we have to credit to everybody that comes out and supports us in anyway shape or form even if it’s just by streaming one of our songs and letting us know that they like it, ordering an article of merchandise, liking us on social media or especially taking the time to attend and enjoy one of our shows. We make our music for sharing. We want the most people possible to hear it and anybody who takes the time to listen makes us all feel real Snuggie.

Q:. Any last words?

COK: We love our mommies! Even though they’re not always super thrilled about our subject matter and presentation. In addition to the fact that we love our mommies so much, we’ve got to say thank you to Bullet Music for this opportunity and exposure. We love youz guyz!!!

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