[Interview] LUTHI Talks About New Singles and Growing Up Too Fast

Hailing from Nashville Tennessee, LUTHI is out to bring back the funk. This seven-piece, classically trained “big band” is headed to Aisle 5 in Atlanta as well as The Georgia Theatre in Athens on their South Eastern tour.

I had the opportunity to chat with front-man Christian Luthi about their recent single “Roll it Back” and what inspired the funk inspired pop tune.

I cannot begin without saying that even though we spoke over the phone, Christian Luthi’s excitement and energy was palpable. He is not only an energetic presence on stage, but i have reason to believe that he stays that way twenty four hours a day. His energy is infectious and bleeds into everything that he does.

LUTHI’s style is inherently funky, With catchy hooks and nostalgia inspired lyrics, LUTHI produces a style of music that will have even the most shy person in the crowd tapping their foot or swaying along with a smile.

Their latest single “Roll it Back” features the line “Everybody grows up too fast”. When asked, Christian stated that the inspiration behind this track his niece.

She had gotten into trouble and was sent to a sort of time out and was not taking it very well. You can hear how the situation played out in the first verse of the song with lines such as “told her what to do and now shes doing it wrong” and “shes gotta learn her lesson her way”. Its all very charming.

As far as more new music, we hope to see a new track in September and maybe a few more to follow this year. Be sure to follow LUTHI on YouTube, Spotify, and Facebook to stay up to date on new releases.

To snag tickets upcoming LUTHI shows follow this link.

Samantha Hutton

Samantha is a student at Columbus State University where she studies creative writing. Her love of music runs deep.