[Interview] What Makes Covet's Music So "Colorful"?

On July 24th, 2019 I had the pleasure of sitting down with the masterminds behind the experimental adventure rock band Covet. Upon arrival to The Masquerade, I approached the venue to find front-woman Yvette Young hanging around the courtyard of Underground Atlanta waiting for the group’s soundcheck.

After introducing myself and giving a quick hug, our mutual awkward nature set in and I began to excitedly ramble about off-topic subjects while attempting to stifle my fandom. After realizing the disinterest on Young’s face, I quickly requested a restroom to relieve myself after the two-hour drive from Columbus, Ga to Atlanta that I had made for the show. Yvette kindly showed me into the venue but did not follow, resulting in my prompt exit as I was told to leave immediately.

With a full bladder, a postponed interview time and nowhere to go, I found myself wondering the streets of Atlanta until rounding a sun-soaked corner to find Elliot Street Pub waiting with sweet libations, Creature Comforts Classic City Lager, to be exact.

After returning to the venue nearing “doors” time, it came to my attention that I would have a very limited amount of time to speak with the band, so quickly and with pizza in hand, Yvette, Forrest, and David joined me in the green room.

Yvette and David made it clear that they only had a few minutes as they were adamant about watching supporting act Crispen Wah! perform as they’ve known each other for a while but had yet to see them perform on stage. The love and support between the acts made out limited time together worth it.

Photo by: Connor Feimster

Covet is a niche band who identifies under the genre Adventure Rock. Young’s ambitious nature pushes boundaries with style while Forrest and David produce the embellishments.

In our short span of time together, we discussed Covet’s latest release titled acoustics. This EP features acoustic interpretations of predawn, glimmer, and Shibuya. When asked about the release Young claimed that it was intended to be a creative acoustic interpretation of a few favorites. The EP is beautiful and allows the already loved songs to be enjoyed with a different breath of life.

There is no doubt that Yevette is the shining aspect of Covet with her beauty and her creativity. This sparked me to ask Forrest and David what it’s like playing and working with a woman of her caliber.

Without hesitation both Forrest and David admitted that Yvette is the sole writer in the band. She brings them her nearly complete tunes, usually mindfully spaced with the intention for leaving room for the boys’ input. They seem to enjoy working with her material and stay very humble throughout the duration of the writing process.

Yvette has an entirely different approach to creating music. She is a classically trained pianist who began at the age of four. She claimed that she had a distaste for playing music growing up as she said that she was taught to use music as a weapon for winning competitions as opposed to using music as a creative outlet.

This was until she fell ill and was hospitalized for a lengthy period of time. She had her guitar brought to her which allowed her to begin her own journey of making music.

Yevette describes her writing process in the most colorful of ways. While writing something technical she will go back and” fill in spaces” with a tone that she would describe as a color on a canvas. Yvette bleeds creativity. I asked the three of them what they enjoy doing when they are not travelling and each of them said “play music”.

The members of Covet continue to surprise fans and soon-to-be fans with their bold style and sound. Forrest, David, and Yvette have music running through their veins. It was an honor to share time talking with them.

Samantha Hutton

Samantha is a student at Columbus State University where she studies creative writing. Her love of music runs deep.