6 Must See Music Spots in Nashville

6 Must See Music Spots in Nashville

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In recent years, Nashville has become a hot spot for the tourism and music industries. We have everything from secret record shops to museums honoring our beloved musicians that have passed. There is so much to see in this city. Here's the top six can't miss spots list!

1. Bluebird Cafe

While I admit, Bluebird is a tourist spot just like Tootsies,  everyone should go once. Famous for their writer's nights where people can get scouted, Bluebird is a place of opportunity in Nashville. You can see a lot of music that you will never see anywhere else, and it is always worth your time.

2. Broadway Bars

If you walk down Broadway or 2nd any night of the week you will hear live music pouring out onto the street. The genres can range from classic rock to country or metal. The options are limitless and every band has serious talent. Places like Benchmark seem to pull some pretty good musicians in my experience, but there isn't a bar you could complain about when it comes to sound.

3. The Vinyl Bunker

Founded by Jason Galaz, a local entrepreneur, this little record shop is filled to the brim with treasures. You may even spot a musician in this joint. This shop is hidden in a parking garage downtown, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Music City. Take an afternoon to hunt it down, you won't be disappointed.

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4. Street Performers

Nashville has several street musicians, but they aren't harassing like you might see in other cities. Some performers will have their entire band set up and just play music on the carpeted sidewalk for passersby. Some of the musicians are known well by the locals and we look forward to hearing them play. Show our troubadours some love when you come to Music City.

5. Country Music Hall of Fame

The Country Music Hall of Fame not only hosts ceremonial events, but they also host a slew of others. They are kid-friendly and organize things that appeal to everyone, including a petting zoo. You will learn quite a bit about Country Music and you can have tons of fun while doing it. Nashville is full of family friendly activities and this is one of the best.

6. Grand Ole Opry

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Catching a show at the Grand Ole Opry is like nothing you can experience anywhere else. Being surrounded by legends playing? Priceless. If you love music and you find someone you want to see, I dare you to go.

If you have a favorite spot drop it in the comments!

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