[Interview] Murder By Death’s Adam Turla On Setting Up Goals And Knocking Them Down

Main Image: murderbydeath.com

Murder By Death is a five-piece rock band formed in 2000 in Bloomington, IN. They’ve since relocated to Louisville, KY where singer Adam Turla and cellist Sarah Balliet ventured into the restaurant business with Pizza Lupo, which features Neopolitan style pizza.

Outside of the kitchen, Murder By Death performed on October 9 at Terminal West in Atlanta, GA. They were joined on this stretch of their tour by Tim Barry, a one-man act from Richmond, VA. Tim slipped into bits of story between banging out anthems with his acoustic guitar or popping off the stage to sing at crowd level, “Don’t be afraid to die, be afraid not to live.”

Before Murder By Death took the stage, a backdrop of string lights was placed in front of their banner. The faint twinkles added an element of whimsy to the stage. “So many of our songs are sad songs,” Turla said in a transition. And in a sense, he’s right. But it’s not just sadness, or at least not an outright sadness. His baritone vocals and Balliet’s often haunting cello solos added layers of depth, a bit of nostalgia almost, like a longing for something you can’t quite pinpoint, or vague memories of past lives. Whatever it is, it moves you. 

Murder By Death played several songs from their latest album, The Other Shore, which they released on August 24. It features a rock-opera style narrative with a space western feel. It’s their third album funded through pre-sales on Kickstarter. This time around they surpassed their goal by 160%. Don’t worry if you missed the campaign, you can find it here. 

Listen to the full interview above or at the Bullet Music SoundCloud.

Heather Cayton

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