[Interview] Adron Coos-and-Woos Eddie's Attic After Spilling The Beans On 2018

[Interview] Adron Coos-and-Woos Eddie's Attic After Spilling The Beans On 2018

Adron has been a mainstay of the Atlanta indie music scene and has won the hearts of many during her years here. Her music blends plenty of international influences (particularly French and Brazilian), but her talents are truly original, making her a vocalist, whistler, and guitar player of a rare quality. She's just come off the road following a tour with Donald Fagen of Steely Dan fame, which proved to be a huge boost of visibility for her, having given her the opportunity to reach many thousands of new ears with her music. Before her recent show at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, I was able to sit down with her and learn more about her future plans off the back of that success.

BM: When you last talked to Bullet (read that interview here), you observed that Atlanta has been a mixed blessing for your career, allowing you lots of various experiences and artist connections, while also perhaps being an obstacle to your visibility. As Atlanta changes and as you change, how might you revisit your thoughts on your relationship to the city?

A: A lot has happened in the last year. It’s been a wild and crazy year for me and, really, the best of my life so far. Even in spite of the world falling apart.

Has it?

Sounds like it. As far as humanity at large is concerned it’s been a pretty crummy year, but I’ve been doing really good. You’re looking to know what my temperature is on being an Atlanta artist?

Yeah, and if it’s changed, seeing as you’ve had such a wild and crazy year while still being here…

It’s changed a little bit. I’m not sure if this should be on the record or not… but fuck it. I’ve been thinking about moving to LA, recently. It’s still very much an idea in larval form, but I’m starting to feel like I want to do it. Partly because, as much as I adore Atlanta and all my connections here, I kind of want to just totally rip everything apart. Not in a mean way, it's just that I feel like, for me, maybe it’s a good time to shred all of my preconceived ways of doing things and just try something completely freaky and different. I often find that to be creatively motivating. I’ve been in Atlanta pretty much without interruption since the very beginning of my 20s, but I’m 30-years-old now, and I feel like starting a new chapter. I'll definitely always feel that I’m Atlanta’s baby and I will always feel like I belong here.

More so than Chicago?

Oh, for sure. Yeah, I mean I never really got to know Chicago. I feel a connection to that part of Illinois, and that part of the Midwest, just because I sort of get to say that I’m from there, which is technically true, but I don’t have a whole lot of personal history there which is connected to the place. Although, I can do a really great Midwestern accent. People say I sound Southern, which I’m cool with too.

So, Atlanta feels like home.

Atlanta feels like home, for sure. In a big way.

It’s Athens, not Atlanta, but Creature Comforts brews the “Tropicalia” American IPA. I wonder if you’ve had it and if you enjoyed it?

Sure, it’s fine. It doesn’t taste like Brazil to me, but I don’t think it’s supposed to.

What does taste like Brazil?

You’ve gotta get a capirinha for that! It’s like a cachaça rum drink - very Brazilian!

Do you have aspirations to release future music, or your back-catalog, on vinyl?

I had really, super badly, wanted to put the new record out on vinyl. That record is still in the works. It’s done and we’ve been trying to figure out an appropriate release strategy for it for ages, to the point that it’s kind of a huge thorn in my side. It’s been the greatest challenge of my adult music career, getting this record out. But, I think we have our label lined up and are finally getting it to happen.

However, it’s going to be under modest circumstances - at least as far as what I wanted for the record. I’m ok with that right now, because I think it is a good enough record that it will create its own momentum and speak for itself, but I don’t expect us to have the resources to do vinyl anytime soon. I would have to raise the money through things like Kickstarter and I’m not in the mood to do that right now. I’m not really in the mood to draw on my fans for that kind of support right now. We’ve done it before, and it worked amazingly well, but it’s not time for me to do that again. So, probably not vinyl, but there is a new album coming out, and I think it might be April… towards April time.

I know Veloso is a hero of yours, and in addition to being a musician and writer, he was a political activist who spoke out against the Brazilian military dictatorship in the '60s. I wonder where you see your music fitting into politics, or is it an escape from that in some way?

That’s a good question. Maybe I haven’t really done my due diligence when considering this question for myself. I definitely try to stay politically aware, but I also… maybe consciously, maybe not… I try not to have it pollute my music, just because it is so dark and ugly. I am so mad at the United States right now. Not all of its inhabitants, obviously, but I’m really mad at operating structures. I do wonder if I could be a useful political voice, but it would be very awkward for me to try to fill that role I think. My music, to me, is way more just about life and its raw essence, and to me, that is the opposite of politics. Maybe it’s better that I focus on just expressing that and letting that fuel people through these super fucked up times. I feel it's a battle that is not for me.

A lot of what I try to do with music is to evoke feelings. I want to make listeners feel a nostalgia and a lust for life - that romantic kind of a vibe. If you can actually make people feel stuff it can be super healing, and maybe it gives them a sense that there are more important things on the table than what some douchebags in Congress are up to. So, maybe that’s the best I can do to help out.

Aside from potentially moving to LA, and hopefully this album dropping in April, what’s coming up next for you?

I’m about to do a whole bunch of tour dates. This’ll be exciting for me because I’m doing a bunch of solo touring through the rest of this month, starting on January 10. You can find those tour dates on my Facebook. I’m doing a bunch of solo piddling around in my little car, and then I’ll be going all around the south - Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, New Orleans. I'll have some stuff in early February up northwards too. I’m trying to do a whole lot more of that kind of thing throughout 2018.

I'm finally associated with a booking agent, thank God, which is a huge help. So I'm trying to keep the momentum up after the Donald Fagen tour because that was a giant boom for me. I’ve got a bunch of touring coming up, and hopefully, the record will come out in April. I'm also doing the SXSW thing, never done that before, so that's going to be nuts! And then the album comes out, and hopefully everybody will freak out and shower me with praise and accolade. And then, then I’ll be like "peace y’all," and move to LA.

Photos by Megan Friddle for Bullet Music

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